gas grill for camping Cooking With An Infrared Gas Grill: Hamburgers.

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-30

It is hot to cook with infrared barbecue.While the technology was invented in TEC decades ago, many of my customers are buying their first infrared gas grill.Usually, as part of the backyard design renovation, we build an outdoor kitchen and the homeowner will ask me what type of books I buy to learn how to cook with their new infrared gas grill.Unfortunately, I know that none of the books provide step-by-step cooking instructions for using a gas grill with infrared technology.The important thing to remember about infrared barbecue is heat.Yes, of course. you know it's hot, but it's good.The stone oven can also be hot.If you can open your kitchen oven to 1500 degrees, will your steak cook faster and taste better?Of course they will.But the infrared is different.An important feature of the infrared grill is to keep the hood open while cooking.This is because the gas creates pressure in the burner, so the fire is much hotter than simply passing through the pipe burner.The infrared burner emits huge heat without closing the Hood to allow heat to pass through the air conduction inside the hood.The result of this burner is to raise a lot of heat directly from the infrared burner.--xa0Heat is radiant heat and directional.--xa0This means that the heat is basically rising in a straight line.--xa0The cooking grille actually creates a serious obstacle to the heat, because the heat is rising in a straight line, not conduction in the air.--xa0Some heat will pass through the air and you can feel it while cooking, but the infrared direct heat will instantly heat the outside of the food, which is too hot for this.Pay attention to the picture above the burger.--xa0When the burger is placed on a gas grill cooking surface, it is a frozen solid.--xa0The reaction of the space between the cooking grilles to heat is different from that of the cooking surface-protected hamburger part.This is after: 30 seconds, the same thing will happen anywayxa0Things on the infrared grill--xa0I made food for 30-Turn again after 45 seconds.--xa0Instead of flipping it over, I change the position by turning a circle of four or ninety degrees.--xa0This allows the burger portion (steak, sailfish, etc.) without direct heat to get direct radiant heat from the infrared burner.Time changes due to the heat transmitted in the air.--xa0For example, when the strip between the cooking grates is blown up by the direct heat of the infrared grill, the portion of the food covered by grates will still be passed by the atmosphere and the food itself.--xa0In 15 seconds, the burger will have stripes with cooked areas and uncooked areas affected by the cooking process.--xa0This phenomenon is less noticeable in 30 seconds because heat is transmitted through air, food and stainless steel grilles.--xa0The area covered by the cooking grate has become somewhat familiar.--xa0Blasting the area next to it with 1400 degrees, the covered food area should still get 500 degrees of indirect waste heat.Get the required consistency and flavor based on the time you cook the food, and do the same on the other side of the food.--xa0To make sure the food is completely scorched, I usually give you a minute and thirty seconds.--xa0In the example in the figure, this is difficult because the burger is made from compressed ground beef.--xa0The surface is not very flat and it is difficult to completely scorch.--xa0Other foods such as steak and sashimi are easier to cook and to get the perfect scones.--xa0I eat everything medium, so once the heat of 3 minutes is over, I lower the temperature and close the hood.--xa0This allows indirect heat to surround food that is transmitted in trapped air under the hood and Cook inside the food.Infrared cooking is more similar to using a frying pan than a barbecue because the real barbecue is done on the cooking surface.--xa0Many grills use tiles, lava and rods to conduct and radiate heat under the grid.--xa0The invention of infrared technology and its application in gas grill make the preheating time shorterMore time and consistency when cooking.--xa0I just tell the client to do what you usually do, but do it faster.--xa0The rest is practice.
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