gas grill for camping How stoves can help solve a global pollution crisis

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-06
gas grill for camping How stoves can help solve a global pollution crisis
When governments in rich countries talk about emissions, discussions tend to focus on outdoor air pollution caused by car exhaust or industrial processes.But for many people in developing countries, the biggest pollution has happened in their homes.About 3 billion people around the world rely on solid fuel.-Usually wood, charcoal, or feces.-For light and heat.For many, this is the death penalty, because the tiny particles generated by inhaling these fuels when they burn can damage the lungs.According to the World Health Organization, dirty air, in addition to global warming, kills 4 million people a year.In 2012 alone, 600,000 people were killed in China, 140,000 in India and some in Russia.In eastern Turkey, a woman sprayed water on burning wood during charcoal production.PA Bektas/Reuters power, climateChange researcher, when she is working on a project in the Himalayas, face-to-face with this reality.In the fresh mountain air, the houses inhabited by nomadic families are filled with smoke from cooking fuel.Powers said the latest 2020 announcements showed "adversity scores" and "This air is 10 times worse than Beijing ".She was very moved about it and eventually she changed her career and focused on creating fuel --Efficient stove.Years later, she had a prototype called SolSource.The futuristic-Look at the machine-This is a shiny, inverted dome.-Two years ago, a scream caught some attention on Top Chef cooking.Since then, it has received many enthusiastic comments on the cooking blog and the Environmental Media.This is how it works: The sun is reflected from the inside of the dome and concentrated at a point where the temperature exceeds 700 degrees Fahrenheit.This is much higher than the temperature required for cooking, so the device has a stand in a few inches at that point that can hold a frying pan, a pan baking pan that can reach about 400 degrees or a baking pan.There are many models of solar cookers on the market, including solar ovens, which surround the heat used to bake products, and a solar cooktop made of re-used vacuum tubes.The difference in Power's model is its efficiency.It reaches full heat in a few seconds, and it can collect and store more energy than western homes use in a day."It's eight times more efficient than solar panels," said Daniel Epstein, CEO of the unreasonable group, which has invested in power's company, One Earth design.But SolSource's price is $500, not cheap even for those who want to replace the high priceend grill.It's a one-Time investment because the cooker never needs fuel, power says it will last for ten years.But for those who live on less than $2, it is still a huge expense.50 a day.Power defended the price, saying the company's initial strategy was-Make a less efficient and cheaper stove-Their target customers are not doing very well."People are willing to pay for products that perform well, even if it means paying a few months of rent until they have it --to-Or in other ways, such as barter.As a result, One Earth design uses a variety of financing methods in an attempt to allow poor people to use their stoves, including installment plans and goods other than cash.It also creates a battery that can move the cooker indoors and use it to Power other devices, Power said.Power wants to make the cooker work in the worst conditions, which means it's also lightweight, sturdy and wind-proofresistant.A newer model specially designed for camping is foldable and weighs only 10 pounds and costs half of it.This is an open question, is the marketThis approach can achieve the scale needed to effectively solve the problem.For many, government funding is a necessary condition to buy cleaner technology and fuel, and it tends to bypass decentralized solutions such as home solar energy and instead connect people to existing power grids.But keeping away from dangerous fuels like coal and wood is vital not only for public health but also for growth.The current situation has hindered the full participation of many women in society because they have spent a lot of time collecting fuel and cooking ---At the same time, the health impact is also very large.
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