gas grill for camping If you haven't made a dime, here's a step-by-step...

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-01
I like patching.I started a new site about 3 weeks agoThis is a project for the evening.I didn't really do anything to Amazon, so I thought I 'd give it a try.After three weeks and nine months, its sales reached $33.18.It's really not so shabby because I barely do any publicity.But more about what I didn't do later.Here are the steps for Itake.Try to keep up...This is complicated (not ).Why does this work now."First of all, I'm not over --analyze.I acted.Can the website be better?Sure.Can each post be better optimized?Yes.Keywords, product, domain name, pre-sell?Yes, yes.However, people started to find my website on the first day.My traffic is almost from long-Tail search including model.Today I am on the first page of 9 products, so traffic is growing slowly.But this is not something that can't be achieved.In the past 3 weeks, the site has an average of 16 visitors per dayIt's under construction, but it's really just a trickle.Knowing what I have done in terms of ranking and traffic, it will continue to grow for a while.Now, for a couple, "if ".\ "What if you did the same thing.What if every time your site makes $5, you throw some backlinks on different posts with someone on Fiverr?How will your results be different?Give it a try and tell me...-KellyP.S.No, I'm not doing Amazon's WSO-There are many outside.I "work" offline ".I "play" niche sites.P.P.S.So far, only two of the products purchased are items on my page --Both are at the low end.One of the unrelated projects is...a gas grill.
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