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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-29
When preparing food for the grill, the biggest challenge for the home chef is that the barbecue is a strong form of direct heating cooking, and it can be tricky to control the heat.While most people think barbecue is easy, barbecue is actually one of the most challenging basic cooking methods.If cooking is like driving a car, the barbecue is like tying it to a rocket ship!Now, more than ever, creative home chefs are looking for the best cooking tips for gas grills.With the improvement of the weather and the arrival of outdoor activities, people's attention began to turn to outdoor cooking.The gas grill cannot be defeated for simplicity and convenience.But barbecues become easy only if you know these important cooking tips for gas grills, which promise to improve your results.Like any basic cooking method, a barbecue can be mastered.The cooking skills of these gas grills will allow you to start an expert barbecue at any time of the year.Gas Grill vs charcoal grill-One thing that has been overlooked about the heated debate over charcoal grills and gas grills is convenience.Yes, the charcoal grill provides the opportunity to add deep smoked flavors to foods that cannot be fully realized by the gas grill, but after that, all the "professionals" entered the column of the gas grill.From the beginning to the end, there is no comparison-the gas wins.It is easier and safer to start the gas grill because it uses propane as fuel and starts when the button is pressed.Unless you are a Scout, the only easy way to start a charcoal grill is to use lighter liquids, but this can be dangerous and can incorporate its taste into the food.During the barbecue, the gas grill provides consistent heat throughout the cooking process.The charcoal grill brings more challenges to the chef, because the control of heat must be done manually --By moving the product further or closer to the flame.It may take a little practice.At the end of the meal, it is also much easier to clean up with a gas grill.It turns off as easily as it turns on!When cooking is done, you don't have to wait for the coal to cool down, and you don't have to worry about where to process the used coal.Although the barbecue is always carried out with the lid open, the gas barbecue cooking can contain additional cooking methods, which makes it best to cook with the lid off the grill.With the close of the lid of the grill, the grill changes from a conductive cooking car to a convection cooking carMore like your oven.Of course, you can use these cooking methods with an oven, but outdoor cooking does have some advantages over indoor cooking --Especially in warm weather.So how do you turn your waste heat direct cooking tool (grill) into a tool that can take advantage of the wet convection cooking process?This is actually a very cool cooking technique for gas grills.This is one of the techniques I use most often, and can be matched with some delicate fish, such as tilapia fish.First I turn off the heat next to the grill and my tilapia fish cooks.Then I added a pot of water to the bottom on the other side of the grill --Right at the top of the thermal element.Keep in mind that this "water" can be any liquid you like.I sometimes mix fish with shrimp but you can season with chicken soup, wineAnything liquid can provide you with delicious free flavors for the products you are cooking.The fish is then placed directly on the grill (if you have a flat grate option) or you can put it in a cast iron pan and on the grill.The rest of the cooking process of this gas grill follows the normal barbecue processCook with your eyes and observations, flip after 75% is done, use a thermometer to determine the final temperature and remove a little "in advance" to allow carryingIn the cooking process.In this way, now in addition to the standard barbecue, you can also consider using the gas barbecue for excellent outdoor cooking.When preparing recipes for the grill, the most important thing is to consider how the barbecue method can have a different impact on different types of food.First of all, careful product selection is very important.Marinated Meat when making a grill recipe is the best way to apply some tender features before cooking, as the grill does not tender meat.If you want to end with the tender product, you must start with the tender product.You also want to make sure that the product you choose can withstand the direct Highheat cooking.Different products will deal with this problem in different ways, some products are not the best choice for standard BBQ.A very delicate fish, such as the tilapia fish, does not perform very well on the grill, because the heat may burn the exterior of the fish before cooking inside.Depending on the texture and hardness of the vegetables, their cooking speed is also different.When cooking together different vegetables (such as skewers), you will get better resultsCook "harder" food before skewer so all the vegetables are correct --Also ness.Once you have considered the difference in the type of food you are going to grill and prepare, the basic procedure for making recipes for the grill is the same.First of all, heat it up because it's OK.Brush the food with the oil of your choice and place it on the hot grill-Demo side down.Open the lid and let the items Cook.Check the item in a few minutes.You are looking for items whose edges start to turn brown and see the moisture bubbling up in pink (almost clear.This will be your signal that the item was cooked 75% on one side and it's time to flip it over.Don't flip the item with a fork, and don't pierce it in any way.This will allow precious juices to escape and dry your products.The only way to know when your product will finish cooking is with a thermometer-Test the internal temperature.Because there will be something to carry with you.Take out items 5-after cooking-10 degrees before the desired final internal temperature.By learning the simple cooking techniques of these gas grills, you will be able to enjoy the successful outdoor cooking throughout the season.Considering the wide variety of food you can cook on the grill, you won't run out of awesome new food soon!
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