gas grill for camping Thousands of poncho-covered fans line up for tightened security at Kentucky Derby

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-21
gas grill for camping Thousands of poncho-covered fans line up for tightened security at Kentucky Derby
LOUISVILLE, Ky.In the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, rain and additional safety measures slowed down the crowd, but thousands of ponchosDespite the big odds, Churchill was filled with racing fans who returned.Fans were not worried when the Kentucky National Guard searched the luggage and passed the metal passage --Detect the wand in the raceAudience in the CityThe enhanced security measures in response to the Boston Marathon bombings are similar to those taken after the 9/11 incident."It's expected."It's all good," said Curt Pederson of Seattle .".The track relaxed some of its policies in 2009, but this year it resumed most of its measures, including the ban on coolers.This year's fans can buy a disposable cooler inside Churchill Downs with ice cubes.The track prohibits backpacks, large wallets and cameras with removable lenses, among other things.Although it is predicted that it will rain all day, umbrellas are still not allowed."For real mounted police, Derby fans, you have to stick to it.It's not something, it's another day, "said Lanny Westfall, 37, of the city of Wisconsin, who said he had come to the Derby" 30-A few years."He claims to have a position on the tracks after 6 in the morning.m.With his friend Joan Lynchard Springs, Ark.The two men held a piece of grass with about 20 camping chairs and 4 camping chairs inside.Burner gas grill for burgers, brats and pork tenderloin."I remember I came here with a bucket of KFC and my sister brought a blanket," Westfall said ."."That was when my knee was hurt --high.It's almost my dad's Christmas, Derby Day."Instead of worrying about safety, fans are talking about betting strategies that change as big as the colorful hats in the Rose race.Some fans planned their bets a few days in advance, carefully studying the statistics and previous matches.Many people sit in the seat of their pants and choose a horse that looks interesting or colorful jockey silk."I like cats," said Shirley Dozer ."McKee in Atlanta decided to bet on the charming kittenIt was her first trip to Churchill Downs, where she had a party on Friday night in the city of derozel --McKee said she received some betting tips from former University of Wisconsin men's basketball coach Danny gram.She said Crum, who won the NCAA basketball championship twice, showed her how to bet on exactas and three straight wins."I got some good inside news from him," duozel-McKee said from a black, wide bottomAn edge hat decorated with feathers.Rebecca Thorpe's mother told her to bet on a gray horse."She said the gray horse was always in the top three," Thorpe said ." Thorpe traveled from Huber Heights, Ohio to the city of Illinois.Jeremy hueson at Ind GreenfieldHe said he learned how to gamble on horses from his grandfather.He said he will look at the form of the car and see how fast and how it has been in the past.Hueson said he would consider the rain in his picks, but so far he has enjoyed villazano in the Derby."Unless I see something that changes my mind," he said .".AP freelance writer Josh Abner contributed to the report.
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