Gas Grill Uses Ceramic Heat - the best 3 burner gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Gas Grill Uses Ceramic Heat  -  the best 3 burner gas grill
On April 3, 1964, this was a digital version of an article in The Times Print File, before it began to be published online in 1996.To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes.com.A portable grill launched yesterday by Corning Glass, baked or grilled food with a new heating elementA gas Cercor ceramic burner.This element is placed right below the top of the steel unit and is said to heat and cook food faster than charcoal or electrical appliances.Corning says cooking food in this way is also more delicious.Cercor is similar to: conceram glassceramics, a rough-textured ceramic plate that gradually turns red as the unit is heated.A safety feature noted by Corning is the rate at which Cercor cools after the broiler is turned off.The device is similar to other broilers, as it is open on the front and bottom, with or without a skewer attachment, and has a cooking position of four moving pallets inside.It can be operated with a pound of propane bottle attached to the side or on natural gas.A pound bottle can last for an hour and a half, and it takes about 85 to 90 cents in the area.Corning's 23-pound product will be available in New York on July 1 for $59.95.The price of the electric grill is $14.95.The price of the natural gas transfer valve is $3.95.A version of the file was printed on page 24 of the New York edition on April 3, 1964 under the title: the gas grill uses ceramic heat.
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