gas grill with cast iron grates Alberta beef + Argentine style = A meat lover’s dream

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-23
gas grill with cast iron grates Alberta beef + Argentine style = A meat lover’s dream
Scene: The East Village of Calgary was almost abandoned, with abandoned industrial buildings everywhere. suddenly, it turned into Brooklyn --Esque revival is full of brand new apartments, shops and restaurants, all within a short bike ride and even a shorter drive to the financial district of the city center.Among the old buildings that were re-utilized, the most striking example was the Simmons Mattress Factory, a majestic brick structure built on the Bow River before 110.As a food shopping center, the Simmons building has been renovated and reopened historically, with two popular Calgary establishments, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and Phil and Sebastian coffee bakery.So the building always smells good, like baked bread, roasted coffee beans at the entrance, or meat to grill on the open fire of Charbar, the building's largest tenant and only fullSit down at the restaurant service.Charbar is located at the back of the building and also leads to the suddenly popular riverside bikes and sidewalks, with outdoor seating when the weather is good and great views throughout the year.It is factory-themed with bare brick walls and high wooden trestle ceilings, and thick beams are reinforced with cast iron joints.There was a big table in a corner, made by an old insurance guy they found downstairs.The open kitchen extends along the left side with comfortable food at the back --At the bar, there are two rows of tables and stalls for the rest of the space.The second-Floor loft with extra seating in the open center, public seating in the bakery and coffee shop and full seatingService table in Charbar.The whole space has a very warm and comfortable feeling, which is magnified in the use of the products (coffee and bread) of the two neighbors on the Charbar menu.This is the second attempt at Calgary butcher's, which opened in last June, featuring an open grill.The theme is Argentina-Style of cooking, so the center is a heavy classic Argentine Woodfired asado-Style grill with heavy duty steel wheels and chain to reduce and improve the grill.This is behind a glass wrapped oyster bar.The owners closed their popular Burger food truck and transferred the service to the take-out window "alley Burger" on the side of the building, serving burgers and ice cream sundae from the Charbar kitchen.The result is a vibrant, stylish, urban atmosphere all day until late at night.The restaurant's open-air "Simmons roof bar" overlooking the river and the city center is very popular in warm weather, with a second asado grill, more casual food such as hamburgers and tacos.It is also common for people who eat in Charbar to come here for cocktails, such as the classic South American caipirinha.Reasons for the visit: Empanadas, eggplant fries, pickled fish with sour orange juice, roast beef, thousands of rice cake with almonds, the concept of duerce is Canadian ingredients, made in a high-end/delicious Argentine style, affected by Spain and Italy, the effect is very good.Alberta is Texas, Canada, and is the center of meat production. most of the beef here is natural pasture.Grass planting-Like in Argentina.So the source of meatThe Centric South American grill is great.Even for shrimp.Natural Grass finished beef.There are a lot of dishes that are hard to find elsewhere, such as the traditional Argentine grilled cheese appetizer provoleta, without a hard cheese sandwich until it is melted and burnt and served with sour dough from the bakery next door.They also provided usAlmost unheard of stylish pizza outside Argentina (previously eaten by Americans in Denver's Buenos pizza, mainly in this rare style ).They have a thicker shell, almost a foccacia, covered with cheese, oregano and many onions, along with some extra ingredients.Other appetizers include delicious empanadas, a fun combination of fried plantain fries and chicharron, basically crispy homemade pork crust, there is also a kind of simplicity when provoleta tries to upgrade the comfort cuisine (it takes too long to cook with cast iron here and too much seasoning), any other appetizers, especially empanadas and ceviche, are very nice, they compete with the main activities, barbecue.A particularly prominent appetizer is eggplant fries, cut very thin, very crispy and not oily at all, a very difficult dish to do with a delicious aji pepper aioli.Like Argentina, they use grass.Local beef is unusual in the United States, but unlike most traditional Argentine restaurants, they are also like highend U.The steak restaurant is more abundant.The center is a big fl stone.style 60-day aged, 2-Pound steak, frontIt is delicious to carve out and share with bones.The long aging gives the beef a earthy taste, almost like brie cheese, and the exterior is burnt by fire.The other signature is the house of two.Sausage, sausage, and mosela (blood sausage), all very meat, made with the same Alberta beef (sausage is usually pork.Almost everything here is at least very good and there are very few special things like eggplant fries, steak, pickled fish with sour orange juice and empanadas.Everything is a bit of a delicious surprise or twist, and even the sides of the steak house are creative and unique: fried broccoli with roscosa sauce, pumpkin baked on coal, with puffed rice and cream, WoodGrilled beets with cheese, etc.But for me, the sauce is what really improves the food.It is normal to get several chimichurri in Argentina, including the most traditional garlic, vinegar and parsley greens.Charbar added a very strange nutOne made of macaroons, olive oil, and sherry vinegar, it's great.There is also a red chimichurri with aji peppers in it, and each diner will like one between these three cooking spots.Although Charbar is an upscale restaurant, the price is reasonable, especially for American tourists, the exchange rate is very favorable and the food is delicious.To align with the classic New wrinkle theme of Argentina, they chose the most popular national dessert in Argentina-caramel cream dulce de Lecce, use it to fill the crepes that also have a crisp caramel sugar look, and if you can still find any room, these are not to be missed.Pilgrimage-worthy?: Yes, if you are in the area because it's hard to find great Argentinian cooking and it's hard to find such good meat.Rating: Yum-Plus!(Size: Blah, OK, Mmmm, Yum!, OMG!)Price: $$-$ ($ Cheap, $ affordable, $ expensive) Details: Calgary SE Fluence Way 618;403-452-3115;charbar.For 15 years, carari Omsted has been writing about food and travel.As an avid diner and chef, he took part in the Italian cooking class, took part in the barbecue competition and had dinner with Julia Chard.Follow him on Twitter, @ travelfood guy, if you think he should go to a unique American restaurant, please send him an email at Tour @ usato.com.Some of the venues reviewed in this column offer free service.
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