gas grill with cast iron grates Bertazzoni Expands Its Dual Fuel Product Line with Versatile and Affordable 30" Professional Range.

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-30
gas grill with cast iron grates Bertazzoni Expands Its Dual Fuel Product Line with Versatile and Affordable 30\
Compact, Self-The cleaning mode is perfect for consumers to replace or upgrade the core of the Italian GUASTALLA kitchen--Bertazzoni, Italy's leading precision processing manufacturerDesign the cooking system, announced today that it will pass fromcleaning 30-inch range.Offering the versatility of an electric oven with an optional natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas unit and the main top of the gas, this popular size provides a great diversity for any kitchen design, it is ideal for the need for new series to adapt to the opening of existing cabinets.Further versatility includes the selection of stainless steel or vibrant color versions offered by bianco (white), rosso (red), nero (black) and vino (burgundy.PaoloBertazzoni, the company's fifth-generation president, said: "Homeowners selected from the entire Bertazzoni range will feel the advanced technology, performance and outstanding value offered by professional-grade appliances"Thisnew 30-Inch dual fuel not only contains these features, it will be particularly attractive for those who wish to replace or upgrade the current product."The electronic oven is combined with the gas stove to provide maximum culinary versatility with 30 fuels ".The inch dual fuel series offers four gas burners and a main oven with precise temperature settings for convection, hot baking, and broiler functions.The precision of Bertazzoni highlights eight different cooking functions, including the three-ring heating element, the signature function of the European convection, and the full-width BroilerThe control oven provides maximum power and cooking flexibility.30 of Bertazzoni-inch self-Clean dual fuel model also has: * Best-in-class one-Workpiece countertop shape with unique sealed burner and seamless surface for quick and easy cleaning-up.* Heavy-The Duty cast iron grille facilitates the movement of any cooker.* Child-If flameout, the safety valve on all burners that stop the flow of gas-Even during the blackout.* Easy one-Touch the ignition system and maximum cooking power of 15000 BTU.* Unique balanced air-Flow fan, providing uniform heat distribution for single and multiple fansBaking horizontally--Through the convection technology of the third ring heating element, there is no cross-flavor.* The oven temperature is accurately controlled from 125 degrees (F) to 500 degrees (F ).* Rack holder for enameled wire with optional retractable slip cover.* Triple-Layer doors that ensure minimal heat loss and low heatExternal surface temperature.* Offers stainless steel and eight vibrant luxury car-grade color options.* Design-Matched tailgate with three power settings and adjustable range hood.In April 2009, viaBertazzoni will have a wide network of distributors throughout North America.The US recommends that the retail price of the 30 "dual fuel series start at $3,999 for stainless steel and $4,699 for color.Bertazzoni is the fifth generation family-Owned company, specializing in the production of a range of series and cooking systems characterized by elegance, ergonomic design, professional quality performance and unparalleled value.Bertazzoni and its stoves have been synonymous with Italian culture, style and engineering for more than 125 years.The entire Bertazzoni product line, first listed in Italy in 1882 and currently available in more than 60 countries around the world, is an affordable indulgence for inspired chefs --Combine refined and precise architectureEngineering cooking performance.In the Emilia-In the romanne region of Italy, cooking is the cultural hometown of balsamic vinegar and Parma cheese, and the original factory of Alberta Zoni can still be found.Today, under the vision and leadership of Paul Bertazzoni, the family legacy of the same quality craftsmanship and entrepreneur spirit remains.Full range of independent mountains in Bertazzoni, built in-In chef tops, hoods and other designs-Coordinated accessories are represented through the area-Exclusive distributor and sales offices throughout the United States and Canada.For more information, or to find a local distributor, visit www.bertazzoni-italia.Or call 866-905-0010.
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