gas grill with cast iron grates Best and Worst Grill Brushes

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-20
gas grill with cast iron grates Best and Worst Grill Brushes
Consumer Reports have no financial relationship with advertisers on the site.Consumer Reports have no financial relationship with advertisers on the site.Barbecue is a mess.A mix of open fire and sugary barbecue sauce is a recipe for grates covered in gunk.Since the grille is usually heavy and hard to clean in the sink, your best option is an effective grill brush.In the process of rating dozens of new grills this year, Consumer Reports also tested and rated 10 grills --Clean up the tools and see which tools are up to the task."We found that most grill brushes work best when grates are warm or hot," said CR test engineer Larry Ciufo ."."But some brushes have short or straight handles, which may expose your hands to hot surfaces, and those with nylon bristles should only be used on cool grills.We cooked the skin to test the brushOn the Weber Genesis grill, the chicken breast is covered with sweet barbecue sauce.We placed coated castings.Iron grilles on one side of the grill and stainless steel grilles on the other side.After the chicken is thoroughly cooked, our testers use each grill brush to slide back and forth 25 times on each grate and point out exactly how clean they are.We tested the cold grille at 200 degrees F, the warm grille and the hot grille at 350 degrees F.We did a great job cleaning with a grill brush with wire bristles, but please note that these brushes can fall off the bristles that may appear in your food.If using a brush, make sure to change the brush or clean the head frequently before the bristles start to loosen.No matter what brush or cleaning tool you buy, you will want to use it on the grill that is worth your cleaning.Snap up Ourgrill guidecan to help you get it in the grill, what type do you want, ourgas and Charcoal Grill ratingscan to help you find the best to take in each category.The following are the best and worst grill brushes grouped according to performance, starting with the most effective model for cleaning any gas or charcoal grill.Price: $5.97 points: Very good CR score: due to the different design and impressive cleaning, the Earth Stone was very prominent in our tests.The stone itself is made of recycled glass and placed in a plastic holder with a short handle (not shown ).We found it to be very effective in cleaning and in some cases restore the stainless steel grille to a similar conditionnew condition.The downside?The stones were quickly worn out, making them a better choice for serious cleaning at the end of the barbecue season.When it is cleaned, the Stone leaves a lot of residue and you will want to clean it up before cooking again.Nexgrill grill brush 5300024Price: $10.87 points: Very good CR: this Nexgrill is one of the best grill brushes in the batch.Long handles and tilted heads keep your hands safe from heat.Wire bristles can effectively remove food, especially from the hot grille, and a small knob on the back of the cleaning head can be caught in order to get extra leverage when cleaning.You can also remove and replace a single brush head.Nexgrill combo brush 530-0041Price: $4.97 points: CR is good: we like the idea of a brush that combines nylon scrub pads with steel wire bristles, but in this performance we found that only one side of the bristles can be effectiveThe nylon liner melts under heat and the cold grille cannot be cleaned well on both sides.Nexgrill steel wool brush 530-0018Price: $4.97 points: CR is good: we like the idea of using a replaceable brush of steel wool.But the cleaning pad suitable for this grill brush is not that clean and starts to separate as it is used --Although it left no debris.Still, this brush gets a decent mark due to the long handle and the tilted head, which helps keep your hands away from heat.Weber bamboo BBQ brush 6464 Price: $7.99 points: CR is good: this attractive brush has lost some points in design with our testers.The brush head is made of a metal scraper tip, which is used to scrape off a single profile on the grill grate.The problem is that when you clean the grill, the tip also touches the firebox back of the grill, which means you can't clean it all the way to the edge.But our biggest problem is that the brush will clean well only when the grille is still hot, which is fine, except for the long and flat handle not tilted --Not the brush head-So your hands are placed directly on the hot grill for the entire time you clean.Blue Rhino Super Triple Action brush 507325 Price: $7.99 points: fair CR Point of View: most of the movements we see from this large brush are the movements of fragile handles that bend under pressure.Because it is difficult to clean the grille, you want a brush that can withstand a certain amount of pressure.But when you apply a lot of pressure, it makes you feel like the brush breaks.It has steel bristles on one side of the cleaning head and nylon on the other.Both methods do not work with the cooler grille, and nylon bristles can melt on the hot grille (as on any brush ).Char-Broil Cool-Cleaning Brush 6894 Price: $14.99 points: fair CR take: another nylon cleaning brush, which can only be used on a cool grille.None of the brushes we tested performed well on the cooler grille, and the model became flat as well.It can remove very large pieces of debris and dirt, but not much more than that.Char-Price: $11.99 points: fair CR take: This wooden paddle is sold as a replacement for the brush.After cleaning the hot grill for the first time, with wood wear (or burn) the paddle begins to fit the outline of the grill.This is an interesting theory.In fact, our experts have found that even if the paddle adapts to the grille on our test grill, it is not an effective cleaner, grabbing only large pieces of chicken skin and leaving most of the residual charcoal.Weber Cast-Iron frame brush 6495 Price: $7.99 points: fair CR shoot: This small line brush has Y-Tip teeth with shape at the end.It is designed to be used to enter the cracks between Grill grilles, but we find that it is very ineffective when we use it to clean the entire cooking grilles.The narrow cleaning head means that you need to wash repeatedly in the same place to keep the whole surface clean.Also, the short thick handle keeps your hand too close to the heat.Weber grill details brush 6868 Price: $7.99 points: no score for CR: We didn't score this little cleaning brush because it wasn't really with full-Brush size grill.But our testers have found that if you use a brush after the grill cools, it can be an effective tool to clean between the racks or around the edge of the oven boxOr use oven gloves because the handle is short.The consumer report is an independent non-profit organization that works side by side with consumers to create a fairer, safer and healthier world.Products or services are not recognized by CR and advertisements are not accepted.All rights reserved©2018 Consumer Reporting Company
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