gas grill with cast iron grates How to Clean Your BBQ Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-19
gas grill with cast iron grates How to Clean Your BBQ Grill
Start with the popular mechanical barbecue season, which means cooking in the summer, burgers and barbecues, and long and warm nights in the yard.It also means it's time to clean up your grill.The same cooking process makes those Instagram-The perfect, delicious scorch on the food creates carbon deposits on almost every internal surface of the grill: Grill, seasoning stick and burner tube (on the gas grill) and firebox itselfThese carbon deposits are not only ugly;Grease can stick to it and attach bacteria, and carbon deposition can cause uneven heating of the grill, or prevent the grill from reaching a full working temperature.After each use, you should brush the grill (remember to check the brush hair before cooking) and clean it thoroughly every few months according to the use of the grill.But twice a year, you should clean the grill thoroughly, which helps to make the grill better and last longer.The basic process of the gas or charcoal grill is the same;There are fewer parts for the charcoal grill.There are a lot of different grill cleaning equipment to choose from, but nothing beats a long treated Line Brush, a line bottle --Five-style brushThe gallon barrel and some elbow grease.Avoid the use of toxic cleaning recipes.They can bring an unnecessary flavor to the food: warm water, soap, vinegar paste and baking soda are all the cleaning power you need.If your grill has a stainless steel outer surface, a good stainless steel cleaner (or vinegar) will give extra shine.You also need some durable gloves and some disposable sponges and rags.Choose cloudy days;In the hot sun, it is difficult for cleaning workers to remove stripes (in addition, the working weather is also cooler ).For a gas grill, open the grill first and let it reach full temperature.Dip the wire brush into a bucket of soap water, scrub all the carbon from the grille, then close it, disconnect the propane tank and put it aside for the grill to cool completely.For a charcoal grill, just dump the old burned coal.When the grill is cooled, remove the grill and seasoning stick and place it in a bucket filled with soapy water.Let them soak for at least 15 minutes.Remove anything else from the grill without tools, such as burner control knobs and grease trays.This will make cleaning easier.Most gas grille burner tubes are also removable (although some models use screws, look for simple cotter pins at one end ).When the grill and seasoning stick are removed and soaked, the lumps are processed-On gunk in the fire box.Place another bucket under the fire box where the grease tray is located to collect the debris.The easiest way is to start with a store vacuum, whether it's fullSize or portable like a Milwaukee M18 manual vacuum cleaner.Since they are mostly workshop items, you won't feel bad about using it to suck the gunk collected on the grill.You can use the grill brush to help relax the stubborn stuckon grit.If the deposit is really finished, dip the line brush into the soap bucket and start working.When it is clean, rinse it with a hose.After soaking the grille and panel, remove and scrub thoroughly.The long handle grill brush adds leverage.For very stubborn gunk, the paste of vinegar and baking soda helps the brush scrub the worst part.Wash them clean.Carefully thoroughly dry castingiron grates.Now is a great time to check the porcelain pieces as they may rust later.Check the burner for any signs of corrosion or anything that blocks the flame hole.If your grill is not used for the time being, the burner tube will attract spiders to spawn.Use wire brushes to clean them by brushing holes back and forth, instead of brushing along the length of the tube.The silk bottle brush can clean the interior of each tube.Replace the soapy water in the barrel and scrub the entire exterior of the grill with a household sponge.Steel wool, metal sponges, and even some rough sponge pads leave scratches, so avoid them.The microfiber towel is perfect for wiping and drying the outside.The stainless steel cleaner works fine as a final contact, but it should not be used for any heavy cleaning.Spray on it and let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it with a clean dry cloth.Vinegar can also be used to effectively clean and wipe stainless steel.Re-Assemble all the parts you remove, and be careful to fix the burner tube in the appropriate position with a cotter pin or screw.Rub cast-Light coating of vegetable oil for iron grill.Finally, re-Connect your propane tank and ignite the grill;Let it heat for at least 15 minutes and turn it off again.This will help burn any residue from clean, season castingIron frame grille as check for your re-checkPut everything together.
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