gas grill with cast iron grates How to Smoke a Ham With Hickory Smoke in a Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-02

The flavor and aroma of ham are rich.Smoking in walnut wood on a gas grill poses a special challenge to cooking with propane, rather than a traditional source of fuel like hardwood and charcoal.Proper ham smoking takes a few hours, and in order to prevent the meat from drying and baking regularly, a whole can of propane and a free afternoon is essential.You need a grill with two separate burners inside.A single-The burner grill will cook the ham faster than the smoke can fully absorb into the meat.This will produce baked ham, but it will not be smoked in the traditional sense.Soak 3 pounds of the pecans in a large metal bowl for at least two hours.Remove the cooking grille from the grill and place the castingIron smoker box above one of the burners.Ignite the grill, close the lid and preheat it for 10 minutes and turn the burner up.Open the grill cover and fill the smoker's box with drained pecans fries.Put the cooking grille back on the grill and lower the heat on the burner under the smoker box.Turn off another burner.Place the ham on the burner that has been closed.The other burner will provide heat and burn pecan wood to produce smoke.Close the grill and open the vent halfway to promote the flow of smoke.Adjust the burner control knob using an oven thermometer to bring the temperature of the internal Grill to 200 F.In the case of the grill cover closed, take 30 minutes of ham per pound, check every hour, add more pecans fries to the smoker's box, and apply ham using equal brown sugar dissolved in apple cider vinegar.When the thickest part on the meat thermometer is 165 F, remove the ham from the grill.
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