gas grill with cast iron grates Rustic Pizza on the Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-23
gas grill with cast iron grates Rustic Pizza on the Grill
The perfect and most effective pot for these outdoor pizzas is an actor-iron skillet.If you want to bake pizza outdoors, you can also use a baking sheet, pizza stone or tile, but I found that cast iron can finish the pizza well.I made a couple of frying pan pizzas of the size (10-, 9-and 8-inch).Lodge and Wagnerware are two foundries, and they are still typical examples of American cookware at the best of times.(Rocky also made a cast.If you want to have more space to move the pizza, you can use iron bars.) When you put an actor-The iron pan on the hot grill, the pizza is crisp and simple.You can lift the handle of the frying pan from the grill (be sure to use heatstroke-proof gloves, of course!) And a great presentation on the table for pizza on trivets.Cast iron is called "original non-stick", usually the surface of the pizza is very large, and the dough is rarely glued to the bottom if you refuel the pot a lot.The Frying Pan ensures that the pizza is round.So you can have a conversation with your favorite basic pizza dough, some basic ingredients and an explosive pizza sauce --Stop serving as a pizza for the main event at a garden party or a weekend barbecue, as an appetizer (just making them smaller) or a light lunch.Prepare a frying pan for the castIron frying pan (assuming seasoned already), apply the bottom with something that says a lot of olive oil on it;Then you can dust it with seasoned crumbs.Remember the actor.The iron pot gets very hot and hotter.When working with them, be sure to use heatstroke-proof gloves, and remember that even if you put the pan in the sink and wash it with water, the handles of these frying pans can hold heat for a long time.Cover the handle with tea towels or gloves and remind yourself.The continuous heating and performance of the gas grill creates a brittle housing (although the charcoal grill is also good ).In order to get similar results internally, you have to raise the oven to 450 degrees, and by then there may be a big problem with your air conditioner.Before being used as a pizza oven, the gas grill must be fully warmed up at a high temperature (about 450 degrees.Either make your pizza and put it directly into cast-Iron Pan in advance or make a few pizza dough, then put them in the iron pan and put them on the grill.Reduce the temperature to medium (about 350 to 400 degrees) just before putting the pan on the grill, or if you have multiple burners, when you lower the front and rear to medium, completely turn off the intermediate burner.Ingredients and pans prepare ingredients for your pizza in advance.Mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese or fontina cheese are usually reliable.The same is true for typical ingredients such as mushrooms, peppers, onions, spicy Italian sausages, ground beef and sausages.Also, when you light the Barbie, try to use grilled chicken or shrimp, zucchini, eggplant, Portobello mushrooms or red onions.Would you like a salad?Put it on a grilled pizza crust.Especially for the summer is the BLT pizza, stirring chopped long leaf lettuce with plum tomato Ding, bacon and some mayonnaise diluted with milk.Or just give up the sauce and make a white pizza with cheese, garlic and a little olive oil;Sprinkle on some herbs and/or pine nuts or pistachios.Please note that you first apply Brown on the bottom of the pizza, then flip it over before cooking is done, adding sauces and ingredients.CrustPizza dough is easier than you think.You can use a toaster, a stand mixer, a food processor or your own hands.If you are using a toaster, be sure to check the specific instructions on the manual when preparing the dough.Whichever method you choose, divide it in a few batches, then keep it in the refrigerator for two days, neatly packed in a re-sealed bag with a small amount of oil.For thick bready pizza, add a teaspoon of yeast and let the dough rise in the pan for 35 minutes.For more crispy, thinner pizzas, reduce the amount of yeast by one teaspoon and let the pizza rise about 15 minutes before baking.If you want the pizza dough ready when you are ready, but you are working or going out all day, you can reduce the amount of yeast in your favorite recipe, let the dough slowly in a bowl on the kitchen counter (6 to 8 hours ).When Marcy Goldman didn't scatter the dough on every alternative heat source she could find, she was writing her second recipe, coffee bistro baking book (from Double Day)She can be contacted at www.betterbaking.com.
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