gas grill with cast iron grates 'Top Chef': Were those steaks sabotaged?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-15
gas grill with cast iron grates \'Top Chef\': Were those steaks sabotaged?
Last night's episode of "Top Chef: Texas" included: bickering, classical cooking, steak and a visit to the emergency room.For fast fire, our chef pulled out the knife marked with one of the five French words: veloute, bechamel, espagnole, hollandaise and tomate.We were told that this is the five mother sauces, which I think means they are the primary colors of the sauce world.Each chef must make a dish based on the sauce selected.The new judge of the season, Emory Lagassé, was replaced again, this time because Dean was worried --Emphasis on "fear ".This guy's "aw shucks" shtick soon became a "pompous local golf professional ".When several cheftestants did not use clarified butter or roux to make the sauce, the fear seemed that the individual was offended, which led him to initiate contempt like many Titleist Pro v1.In the end, Grayson won the ravioli with corn Holland, giving her an exemption.Next is Uber.Texas to eliminate the challenge, call for four-Enjoy a steak dinner at Baron Niu's ball, something that exists and is called a steak dinner.Oh, 200 steak is medium rare.Beverly's kitchen drama was staged again last night and it took her five hoursPeeled her shrimp.Heather of the steam roller is not happy at all, when the steam roller rush, you 'd better go to a higher place because she will crush you.As Dakota says, "Heather is the most annoying person I 've ever seen.”Later, Ty-Lor cut off the tape between his fingers.(Again, I have to ask: how much of the chef's blood did I unknowingly consume in my life?) There is only one paper cut on the duckLike vestige, it was weak because Ty didn't take Jamie's route.Dinner starts with tomatoes from Beverly, Dakota and SarahShrimp, watermelon, cold dishes.Then Edward Chris J.(a.k.A Pebble) and Paul gave away Mushroom bacon (put anything in front of "bacon" and I was sold) and a tomato --Asparagus decorationAt the same time, Ty decided to simply grill outside before transferring the steak to the kitchen, and other chefs would cook the steak in the kitchen immediately before the service.Ty, c’mon -Never believe that other chefs are with your children.So the de facto leaders Heather and Lindsay jumped the gun and in the first 10 minutes of service everyone flashed and brushed the steak.Say I'm a cynical person, but I suspect it's a damage to Heather and Lindsay...After all this, the outstanding component of the main course is not ribeye or potato gratin, but compound butter.This is not a good thing.But this time, desserts are very popular.The vandals and Grayson wisely served some light food: peach cake, shaved peach salad, and Canadian Hickory stroudel strousale.The judges chose three favorites, including Nisha steak sauce and compound butter, which "saved" the disastrous main course (a feat after the explosion of the first sauce challenge ), and the cobblestone "perfect cooking" carpaccio.But the winner of Toyota's new mobile phone is Heather and her peach cake.There may be a new mode of transport for the steam engine, but I still won't get in her way.Yes, the cake won the steak challenge.Let's pretend it never happened.At the bottom, Ty-Le was condemned for screwing up the steak portion of the National steak dinner.The worrying naked eye isWell, I mean, at that time, you can also eat grilled chicken breast.He told Ty that he would ask for a refund if it was a restaurant.Since the potatoes are uncooked, the tip Whitney gets from the same dish is also at the bottom.Three people were eliminated.When raw tomatoes and salt are two of the three parts of your dish, you are on the chopping board unless the third part is unedible.In the end, they eliminated Whitney and explained that if you can't make a tip in six hours, you won't be eligible for the game.(Honestly, I didn't notice Whitney until this week!I can only trace so many black-haired women with pale tattoos.You think Ty-Did someone vote for the vote or did Whitney deserve it?One of the standard restaurant methods for preparing steak --Especially thick.Is to make a shell with a white sideHot cast iron pot about 5 minutes, turn over and put the whole pot in 425-Oven for another 5 minutes, then put it on the plate and let it rest for another 5 minutes.This is the way I use it at home, steak is a perfect medium --It's rare every time.No A1 for me-it ruined the taste of the steak!I think it's a personal choice to use mesquite and it's nice to have Whitney sent home instead of Ty-lor.Seriously.Potatoes can be made by anyone.In addition, Heather is the most hated player since Marcel.Marcel still likes food, but the cow is a big and ugly bully.200 steaks?Even a cook is not that difficult.Especially considering that all he did was put a grill mark on the grill.Say only 5 minutes on each side.Keep the system simple and pay attention.The flashing people can keep them for a long time.No good meat should be covered with anything, right?Did you put A1 on it?A1 is delicious.It makes all the taste like a1.It is quite certain that the question raised is "Do you agree with the judge's decision" and not "do you like your steak ?"?Nevertheless, I agree with this call.While Ty should not have the other chef complete his concept, he should not be fully responsible for the bad main course, which means he should be given a second chance.As a professional chef, anyone who screws up potatos should leave.The best-tasting steak is made of charcoal coal balls instead of a gas grill.The charcoal is fine, but in order for it to be Jim Morrison's birthday today, meskey has to add a bit.Good Mr. King.Simple potato-Top Chef-6 hours-and screw it up!Out of here!The 200 steaks were made perfectly-provided at the same time-a chef-very difficult!Cover EM's tomato sauce.THEYLL BE OK.I'm from Texas. I will be P!If someone brought me the steak they had prepared in the oven.No, thank you.Take the steak back, get it ready, or refund it so I can find the real steak.Ty should be home.I think this is a sympathy vote.I mean, it was a steak challenge and he didn't even cook the steak!!!!Hey fool, most of the steaks are prepared or finished in the oven.Obviously, there's one thing that's not big in Texas......That's the brain!Most steak houses always finish their steak in the oven, and if they are thick, they do the same on both sides.Texas people are too stupid.Karry, obviously, you don't know how the food you eat at the restaurant is actually prepared, or you don't eat steak at the restaurant.Even in Texas, they were done in the oven.I worked in a steak house in Texas for 4 years and didn't have a finished steak in the oven.This can happen in chain restaurants, but in many local steakhouses, the steak is 100% baked.1.Shouldn't you be a Jew?(Bacon review) 2.Pebbles.Love it.3.Unobtainium.Pure genius.4.Great blog!The really delicious steak does not require condiments or marinades.You 've never had my most famous spicy corn steak before!It's hard to mess up the steak.Just cook on the charcoal grill for a while and put a little A1 sauce or butter on it.YUMMMMALICIOUS.In my opinion, if you have to put A1 sauce on the steak...Then you 've screwed it up (or screwed it up with A1 ).You forgot to mention that the steam roller was won with Edward's cake recipe, which she also used in the previous episode.Come on now.You're a top chef.Understand yourself.If you do 200, you can.You must log in to post a comment.We cheat every dayNews of the latest celebrities, reports of Hollywood buzz and pop musicCultural obsession.
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