gas grill with side tables How to Cook In a Gazebo

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-15
Outdoor cooking requires basic precautions for chef and guest safety.Because it is almost always necessary to prepare food outdoors, heat and fire are the main safety issues.Perhaps a special occasion would prompt the preparation of meals on the terrace, or it might just be raining on the day of the big outdoors.
Cooking under the terrace has special considerations because the fire will be close to flammable materials and people may be more crowded than spinning around the terrace, deck or backyard.Place the grill or any cooking equipment at least 3 feet from the structural wall of the terrace.For example, if placed too close to these materials, a gas or charcoal grill will distort vinyl and discolored paint wood or metal in a matter of minutes.
Placing the grill on the terrace can cause a fire and can cause significant damage to the structure.Arrange a side table for the placement of cooking supplies, such as pans and spices, on either side of the cooking utensils or grill.These can be gambled against the terrace railing, creating a buffer on both sides of the grill.
Put a table a few feet in front of the grill so the chef can stand in front of the grill, but guests can't help but accidentally bump into the chef or push stle on the grill.This convenient barrier may be useful for a large number of people with free flow of alcoholic beverages.Use the table to heat the finished product on the grill on the plate so that the assistant can transfer them to the table served.
Select a menu that is unlikely to cause smoke and flash-Ups on the grill.For example, steaks, ribs, and burgers are cooked very quickly with little smoking, especially if lean meat is used, but chicken and pork can easily cause emergenciesRise from the fat melted on the fire.The billowing smoke gathered under the terrace suffocates chefs and guests.
Cook food at medium to low temperatures to prevent excessive heat-Even in the hot summer, this will allow guests to rush to a relatively comfortable place in the yard.Guests can prepare food on the table opposite the cooking area, away from the heat in the outdoor kitchen
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