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Consumers seeking high-end stainless steel gas grills are often won by the manufacturer's reputation, the appearance of the grill or other factors (such as suggestions from friends or family members.Now, with the development of equipment, this is a considerable investment, and consulting experts in the field can help make informed decisions.Reliable gas grill experts can help you evaluate the various features in these high-end grills and pick the best options for you based on the features you like.Of course, the easiest way to objectively compare manufacturers is to use charts!Our chart on www.gasgrillsnow.com/mfgcompare.Asp compare fire magic, open air, Kenmore Elite, Viking, DCS, Dacor, Lynx, retro, Weber summit Gold D, Wolf, Altima, Turbo, ProFire, Phoenix, Tec vieluxe, lazy Man, Jenn Air, Netherlands, front door, Capitol, Crown, Duken and Dynasty.* BTU output: how many are the standard burners and how many are the BTUs?You need to do some math to determine the actual heat of the food.Ideally, you want a cooking surface of more than 95 BTU per square inch.How do you know?Divide your total BTU by the main cooking surface.So....If your cooking surface is 660 square inches and total BTU is 104,000, then 104,000 BTU is divided by 660 square inches = 157 BTU per square inch.This will be a winner!!!* Temperature range: this is a very important feature if you like to do all kinds of cooking.From grilled steak to grilled pizza in a large temperature range, you can do anything.* Burner material can be composed of cast stainless steel, stainless steel sheet metal, cast iron, infraredRed or even cast brass for commercial environment.The dual burner enables indirect cooking and better heat control.The best option is cast brass or cast stainless steel burner.They will last longer and more durable.Grease is easy to burn through sheet metal.* Infra-The red burner is an option for those who need to bake the steak.Thinking about infrastructureRed cooking system?Temperature on infraredOn some grills, the red cooking system can reach 1600 degrees.Infra-Red cooking allows fast, high temperature, which reduces cooking time and helps seal the juice-Perfect for grilled steak.If you like black food or steakRed cooking is a way to go.If you're going to do traditional cooking-Used with a hybrid that provides infrastructureRed and standard burner.Tip: Make sure you can convert IRThe red burner for large parties goes back to standard.* Barbecue backburners is a popular choice.The Rotisseries is used to cook large pieces of meat evenly and uses much less heat than a regular barbecue.The BTU range is generally 13-15,000 categories but the best grill available 18-28,000 BTUs.Meat cooked using kebabs is usually more juicy and self-servingSlow roast.Tip -Look for a model with a drip tray for easier cleaning.Be sure to compare the existing grill space, especially if you want to roast a turkey or two.* Triple gourmet grill allows you to use natural gas, infraredRed charcoal burning!How versatile you are!!* An adjustable smoke box is perfect for those who like to add pecans, meskey, or other wood to your meat.It's easy to smoke.The adjustable vent allows you to control the amount of smoke to provide the correct taste.* Warranty is one of the most important features to consider.Only the Best Grill provides a warranty on the burn-through condition that affects the burner.* Does the grill you are considering provide a countertop model?These types of gas grills can be placed in the outdoor kitchen and you can choose to customize them with tiles, plaster or other solid surfaces, doors, drawers and other accessories such as refrigerators or sinks.* Cooking mesh: stainless steel cooking surface does not rust or debris.The surface of the porcelain pot is prone to fragmentation and will fall off into food.No N.S.F.(National Federation of Health) affiliates use porcelain cooking grids.* Cooking grid size: how many people do you feed often?The size of your crowd will determine how big your grill should be.Tip: Make sure you can convert IRThe red burner for large parties goes back to standard.* Lining: This accessory emits heat more evenly onto the grill, drops onto the tray and separates the valve and manifold from the combustion chamber.This will extend the life of the burner and reduce the chance of oil burning.The grill cover covers the cooking surface and helps capture the heated air inside.Find a wall cover with double insulation.If you buy a stainless steel model with a double insulated wall cover, it doesn't turn brown or blue.It will keep it shining.* Stainless steel flavor grid: This thermal distribution system should be stainless steel, long life and durable.The flavor grid reflects all the heat onto the surface of the barbecue and evaporates the dripping water.You can add wood chips and other fragrances to your flavor grid to add some flavor to the meat you choose.* Fuel Conversion: If you want to move the grill from the backyard to the street for a block party, will your grill easily be converted from natural gas to propane?* Side burners provide separate control for each burner.The side burner provides you with an additional cooking option and comes with a single burner or double burner.You can fry some French fries or entertain the team with sweet corn.BTUs ranges from 12-17,000, but be sure to look for a burner in brass or stainless steel.* The Power/wok burner will provide you with more culinary diversity.Stir-fry onions or cook lobster!Brown butter or fried turkey!Having a party?A power burner can hold a 26 \ "wok!Within 3,000-60,000 Btu \'s, power burner is an obvious advantage for any chef!* A complete baking tray or block tray under the cooking surface (can also be filled with lava or wood chips) can protect the burner and allow dripping to smolder, thus bringing more to the foodFind a model that can flash quickly to eliminate the Flashups.* Add a heating rack to keep the food warm, away from direct heating, and also give you extra cooking space.* Add a baking pan to your side burner and enjoy an outdoor breakfast!With this information, you should be able to identify your needs and choose a barbecue shop that offers you years of good food and a great time.Enjoy!
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