gas grills 86,000 Coleman gas grills recalled

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-11
gas grills 86,000 Coleman gas grills recalled
Coleman CompanyDue to the danger, one may be cut by the edge of the insulation cover below the control panel and 86,000 gas grills are being recalled.Six people were reportedly injured when they reached out to the propane tank under the grill.The U.S.The Consumer Product Safety Board says the grill is green and black with a red Coleman logo on it.The hazardous heat shield is limited to models numbered 2000 and 3000.The Coleman grill for this collection is not sold in Canada.These devices are sold between $350 and $500, from January to April.Coleman CompanyIt is a subsidiary of Sunshine Group.Consumers can call 1-877-846-1070 order new shield.They can view the information on the Internet on www.bbqhq.com.
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