gas grills America’s unique burger styles, and where to try them

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gas grills America’s unique burger styles, and where to try them
Scene: One of the things you learn about traveling in the backcountry of the United States is that the way to cook burgers is much more than you think.If you want to try a variety of regional preparations in the United States, here are the places you can visit: GasBurgers is a unique invention in the United States, our favorite food is actually louis's lunch in New Haven, Connecticut. its historical significance has been supported by the Library of Congress.There has been no change here for more than a century, they still cook according to the original customMade a stand-up cast iron gas grill, a stand-up waffle iron for burgers.The result is a more crispy external focus than many of us get at home, the middle is still the perfect medium center, as well as a burger or cheese burger (using smellable cheese instead of slices) and eat on baked white bread.Also boiled with gasBecause the burger itself is earlier than the steamed stuffed bun.Fire-Because live ammunition in the kitchen is tricky, this is less common in restaurants than in the backyard, and the two places we 've been to over the years stand out.Mini Weber GrillChain uses the company's iconic kettle grill in the kitchen, providing a better dining experience for home cooking and doing a great job.It has five central and western regions, including Chicago, St.Louis and IndianaThey cook with charcoal and offer a variety of options, including rare found only in the highest-end steakhouse, Prime Burger, USDA Prime Ground Chuck, Bourbon grilled onion and cheddar cheeseAt Las Vegas, we love burgers (and a nice pudding shake!In the Michelin star restaurant and BurGR restaurant in Gordon Ramsey.Hollywood planet casino hotel with live broadcastThe grill burns a mixture of apples and wood.The meatloaf is made from a mix of ground beef bris, chuck, and short ribs, and Ramsey gives up spices or sauces and brushes his burger with imported Devon butter.The outstanding brioche bread is freshly baked every day with white and black sesame seeds on it. the burger is perfect for ordering and has a great selection of specialties.The most popular is the stacked farm burger with cheddar cheese, omelette and duck breast bacon, while Britannia burger is a novelty --and delicious —Hot mango sauce with cheddar cheese and arugula.SteamedFood historians quickly noted that although they were labeled on the mass market, the real "slider" was not just a mini burger but steamed, so bread, cheese and pieEdit J. eat seriouslyKenji Lopez-Alt noted, "in 1916 Walter Anderson (who founded the White Castle five years later) was invented in Wichita, Kansas, and the slider used to be the main form of hamburgers on Earth.Under two ounces of weight, small sandwiches are made with slow steamThin, all-Beef patties on onion beds."Anderson's invention has been applied in a handful of mom and pop places, mostly in New Jersey and the Northeast, but it's better to connect with his still-moving musicWhite Castle-a thriving national chainThe world's oldest fast food burger brand.The pre-formed square pie has five holes on it for steam to pass through, and they are cooked on a bed of chopped onions and liquid, so that they can steam without touching the grill and place the roll on the meat before it is fully constructed.Therefore, the bread is wet and glued to the meat (and optional cheese ).You like or hate Steamed burgers if you likeI do —Great White Castle.For non-The Ted chain in merrydon, Connecticut is-Expert with customized steamed BurgerManufactured machine, a metal cabinet with small drawers, is no different from the cabinet of workshop parts.Insert a square piece of ground beef or cheddar cheese into each drawer, then close and steam to Cook Everything.If you buy a cheese burger, you will scoop the oozing cheese onto the finished burger.This is a unique way of cooking, which can drain fat and make the bestI have had hamburgers.This is the most common restaurant to prepare hamburgers, whether it is fast food or sit-inIn the restaurant, for the former, our favorite is the five men and Whataburger, who all offer a more satisfying and homemade tasting burger than the three burgers.There are five people who specialize in doubles. two are very familiar.to-Order the meatloaf with juicy results and a large selection of optional ingredients that are free of charge.Whataburger is a Southern chain that debuted in 1950 as the country's fourth fast food burger chain (before McDonald's and Burger King.Two of its three predecessors are small burger experts, White Castles and krydges, so Whataburger opens up the big burger market in fast food and has kept it since thenhands-Sandwiches are needed.The pie is fresh and tastes better, the chain has its own range of premium condiments, and offers another delicious burger that is rare in fast food-the pie melts.The pizza Doddy burger shop, a smaller chain, did an excellent job in dirty burgers, which started in Austin, Texas and is now found in the southwest.Just use a natural medicine.Free beef from partner ranchers in Texas and Colorado, all protein is ground fresh every day at every location.In addition to the delicious beef, they offer a wide range of pie options, including lamb, turkey, bison and even tuna steaks.The buns that are often overlooked are the stars here, and the brioche version is baked every day with a variety of optionsCereal and gluten free.Griddle-This style is popular at the moment, and a mass of meat is crushed by a spatula and placed on a flat top of the chopped onion bed.This is the long-term signature of the national chain smashurger, as a frequent winner of the various best fast food burger competitions, and it is a great place to try.It is better than most competitors in taste and atmosphere, and all the food is cooked in order.The chain uses only 100% certified Angus beef (CAB), a special brand that requires 10 additional tests in addition to the normal grading of USDA.They only eat fresh, never frozen, and each burger starts with ground beef from a wellA buttery baking pan, then pressed with a metal plate, until it begins to form a scorched shell.For a one-We like this style. We like this style.The live kitchen in Dallas, a kitschy throwback concept full of pop culture decorations, run by a highly trained senior restaurant chef who has gone out of his way to perfect the seemingly simple burger.The extensive taste test led him to use only one ranch in the state of NE as meat and to be underground every dayUse a very special technology.Only shoulder meat is put into the refrigerator until it is almost frozen, and then ground on the machine in the refrigerator, because friction generates heat, and the owner believes that this method can break down fat and meat, make the burger taste better.The cold-The ground burger is perfect, the first class choice is great, bread, fashionBetween the traditional and brioche style, complete a simple and wonderful burger experience.Patty METI is a huge fan of this unique style in which the burger pie is placed on sliced bread, usually rye bread, grilled cheesestyle.In fact, the more burgers I try, the more I believe that if there is one of the best burger styles, that's it.While you can get it at many diners, or Whataburger, a fast food chain mentioned earlier, the best thing I 've ever had was at the modern gourmet bar Park in Cambridge, massachusetts (also won the reader voting contest hosted by the popular Boston blog, which is the best in the city ).Co-The owner, Patrick Lee, told me that the sandwich was never "something we thought would be the signature dish of the restaurant ".But the thing about our chef is to twist everything, there are a lot of burgers here and he melted the pie."This is an elevation of this type, cutting into two eyes diagonally --Capture the triangle.Park uses square organic rye bread from Boston's beloved Iggy Handmade Bakery and makes custom metal molds to shape a square pie that perfectly fits the bread.They used a custom meat mix from Pat LaFrieda, a famous butcher in New York, to add American cheese, chocolate onions and optional bacon.It is stunning.Without Minnesota's unique contribution to Canon Jucy Lucy, Jucy LucyIt would be wrong.Now, it's a citywide sign, it's two pies formed around American cheese and sealed along the perimeter, so melted cheese turns into an oozing volcanic core of a thick pieThis was invented by Matt's Bar, and this humble but charming neighborhood pub is still the place for a burger pilgrimage in Twin Cities.I have seen a burger like this tried by a kitchen, but it has never been so successful --It seems to be a normal, single continuous pie before being bitten in, so the cross section clearly shows half of the top and bottom, and the cheese has a good distribution in every bite, but not too early.This is a delicious burger, but be careful.The waiting staff will warn you.If you bite too fast or too hard, you burn your mouth.My friend and I liked it very much and we ordered another round right away.For 15 years, Larry Omsted has been writing about food and travel.As an avid diner and chef, he took part in the Italian cooking class, took part in the barbecue competition and had dinner with Julia Chard.Follow him on Twitter, @ travelfood guy, if you think he should go to a unique American restaurant, please send him an email at Tour @ usato.com.Some of the venues reviewed in this column offer free service.
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