gas grills Best Gas Grills of 2019

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-30
gas grills Best Gas Grills of 2019
Consumer Reports have no financial relationship with advertisers on the site.Consumer Reports have no financial relationship with advertisers on the site.Gas grill is still the preferred tool for cooking burgers and brats in the backyard-Of all the grills sold across the country, they accounted for more than 60%.That's why the consumer report tests dozens of new gas grids every year.It is best to heat quickly, cook evenly on the entire grill surface, and cook well at various temperatures.In our lab, we use heat-Perform four key temperature tests."The Grill needs to be warmed up, just like your oven," said Cindy Fisher, who is in charge of the CR gas grill test."The pre-heated grill can not only be made more evenly, but also prevent food from sticking to the grill."We measure the surface at 10-Because our data shows that most people like to start cooking.We also evaluated the uniformity of heating per model.This is an important attribute when cooking large quantities of burgers or sausages for the crowd --No matter where you throw it, everything should be done at the same time.Our indirect cooking test evaluates that the grill can control moderate heat when the food does not exceed the direct flame.The picture cooks a thick chicken breast without burning the skin.The temperature range shows the array of temperatures you can cook;The grill with the highest score in this test can get hot enough to roast the steak while making the steak rare inside, or cook low and slow without burning pork or ribsBut the performance test did not stop.We think a great grill should cook well in the box and be able to stand up after the season of use.That's why we use our designed mock Grill to evaluate the structure of each model using the equipment that could be abused as it passes through the deck or patio.We also collected data about their gas grill from more than 38,000 CR members to see which brands of models are able to run over the long term.These findings were incorporated into the reliability scores predicted in our full gas grill rating.Together, these tests and evaluations determine the overall score of each model.In our rating you will see broil-included-King, bloman, Char-Broil, Dyna-Glo, Huntington, Kenmore, kidina, Landman, member Mark, Napoleon, Nexgrill, Saber, and Weber.What size grill do you need?We already included 4-Each grill can hold an inch of burger patties, allowing you to feel the size of the grill relative to the other topExecute the model in each class.Small gas grills can be arranged neatly on the balcony or terrace, which can accommodate up to 18 hamburgers.The most popular is the medium grill.They occupy most of the market.Our ratings.Most designs can accommodate between 18 and 28 burgers at the same time.The big grill can be cooked for the real crowd and can handle 28 burgers or more.But if you usually cook for a smaller family, they will be more expensive and inefficient.If you replace the gas grill on the market, start with our guide for the purchase of the grill.CR members can continue to read the top selection of this year's small, medium and large gas grills, arranged here in rank order.The consumer report is an independent non-profit organization that works side by side with consumers to create a fairer, safer and healthier world.Products or services are not recognized by CR and advertisements are not accepted.All rights reserved©2019 Consumer Reporting Company
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