gas grills Best Gas Grills to Buy at Home Depot

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-30
gas grills Best Gas Grills to Buy at Home Depot
At this time of year, when you walk into Home Depot, you will see rows of gas grills.HomeDepot.Com offers more options, including more than 160 gas grills under brands such as Weber, Napoleon, Nexgrill and KitchenAid.In order to help you narrow the selection, some high is listed belowScoring gas grills consumer report has been tested and you can find it on Home Depot store or Home Depot.com.Some models are exclusive to Home Depot, and others can also be bought from other retailers to allow you to compare prices.These home depot gas grills performed very well in our tests.They appear here in alphabetical order grouped by cooking surface size.(Our cooking area measurements indicate how many 4-You can bake an ounce of hamburgers at a time.In our measurements, we do not count shelves and grilled burgers, although some manufacturers do.) For complete test results, see our gas grill rating and compare these 10 Grill to more than 100 grill.Huntington 630124, $140 Weber Genesis ii lx s-small grill (up to 18 burgers)240, $1,000 medium grill (18 to 28 burgers)Glo advanced dga50ssp-D, $450 monument grill 27592, $340 (Home Depot exclusive) Nexgrill 720-Weber Genesis II E-0830 H, $270 (Home Depot Exclusive)Weber Genesis ii lx S-310, $700KitchenAid 340-1,200, $720 large Grill (28 burgers or more)Weber Genesis ii lx E-00893, $800 (Home Depot Exclusive)Weber Genesis ii lx S-410, $900The consumer report uses secret shoppers to buy grills in stores and online, and $440, 1,600 to buy them at home to make sure we test the grills you will get.When you buy a gas grill at Home Depot, please use their advice.Check the inventory online before shopping in the store.The grill you want may be in a shop near you.If not, Home Depot will ship it to a store where you can pick it up.View the dimensions of the grill on the Home Depot website or on the grill summary page in our gas grill rating.The assembly of Home Depot is free, and company spokesman Catherine Gallagher Emory said most of the grills were ready that day.You need an SUV or pickup truck to transport the grill home.You can also rent a truck from Home Depot ($19 +) or the retailer will deliver the assembled Grill to your home.Fees vary from market to market, but are $79 in most places.If you are going to assemble the grill yourself, please bring a friend to the store.The grill is still in the box and you may need help carrying it into the car.Check the structure of the grill and push it from several different places to test its firmness.Our grill purchase Guide provides other tips on what to lookFor example, you don't want a grill with sharp edges.It is convenient to buy a grill online, but checking the grill at the store will give you a better idea of the quality of its construction.If you purchased the grill on Home Depot's website, please know that the following services may be available from the companyHome barbecues in California, Central Texas and South Florida cost $79 or more.Do you want to put the grill together by yourself?First check if all parts are included and if there is damage or damage.If you have any questions, please call Home Depot customer service (800-430-3376).You may then need to call the manufacturer to get the parts you need.More information from Consumer Reports: The preferred tire price for 2016 best used cars is $25,000, and the less7 best mattress reported by lessconsumer Consumer has nothing to do with any advertisers on this website.All rights reserved©2006-2017 Consumer Reporting Company
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