gas grills Fire it up: The dos and don'ts of backyard grilling

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-11
gas grills Fire it up: The dos and don\'ts of backyard grilling
For many Canadians, the long weekend spent in May is unofficialCold drinks and hot barbecues are usually included.In a timely manner, the food writer, chef and cooking teacher Claire Tanci has provided the CBC with professional advice for a successful barbecue season that appears in the morning moncton and tor of the New Brunswick messageCharcoal to gasdansiEnd the debate about whether the charcoal grill is better than the gas grill.Well, sort of.She uses both foods and other food lovers should look for the best option for both."I found that gasoline was great for those weekend dinners, quick and convenient, got something right away, and I liked the controls I got," she said ."."If it's a weekend and a great day, I like to light the Charcoal BBQ and have a cocktail while it's hot.The key, she says, is to use real charcoal."It gives a lot of wonderful taste to things like chicken or steak."Still, Tassi said she would definitely go to the gas BBQ if it was Tuesday night.Running on barbecue esit is the worst nightmare for barbecue lovers: prepare a feast and realize that there is not enough propane to satisfy these taste buds.Tansey said the trick she had to figure out beforehand was to cook a pot of water and then pour the water on the water tank on the side.Touch the side of the tank right away."It's cold everywhere, it's cold everywhere, it's where you still have gas," she said ."."If most of the tanks feel warm at room temperature, it may be time to buy a spare tank now.To prevent food from sticking to it, there are two important steps, says Tansey.First of all, it is important to advanceHeat the grill."Let that thing explode completely for about 15 minutes before you start."Then, just before putting anything on the grill, spray the grill with a cooking spray, or take a clean rag and dip it in a neutral oil, like rapeseed, then wipe it on the grill."Let the meat sit there for a while and let it cook for a while."Don't move it, flip it right away," says Tansey .".The too hot stew can add the perfect flavor to a meal.However, Tansey says the culprit when the sauce burns before the taste test is sweetness."If you're using marinade, like lemon juice and herbs, it's fine," she said ."."But once you add something like brown sugar or honey, or if you use barbecue sauce, you can't really use these sauces as marinades.Tansey says the barbecue has to wait for the sauce to be added, otherwise it will only caramel and burn."Instead, put on your chicken breast, your pork chops, whatever it is, and eat like three --Part of the way you cook, then you can brush them with sauce in the last few minutes."What do you want to eat? It is recommended to eat pizza at barbecue this summer."Throw the dough directly on the grill, very interesting and delicious."Her two most recent barbecues are asparagus and artichokes, and she says the asparagus are delicious at this time of year."Dig them out first and finish them on the grill.You want to pre-cook them in boiling water and finish them on the grill, so [minutes.
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