gas grills How to bake a potato on a gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-23

What is the perfect match for your grilled steak?Baked potatoes, of course!If you link the baked potatoes to the oven, think about it.Baked potatoes and your meat on the grill create an easy dining option to stay outside and avoid heating the kitchen.It's very easy to bake potatoes on your gas grill and anyone can do it.In fact, the gas grill is ideal for cooking potatoes because the heat is very uniform.Whether you are a traditional potato eater who likes to steam baked potatoes with sour cream, or a potato skin enthusiast who likes to score, you can bake potatoes easily.Here are two simple options for perfect baked potatoes.1.After thoroughly washing the potatoes, sprinkle a thin layer of edible oil on the aluminum foil.Use about 1 tbsp.Every potato.This oil helps keep potatoes moist.If you feel adventurous, try adding some spices or herbs to the oil.For example, when you spread the oil evenly over the foil, you can sprinkle some garlic and pepper or a little cayenne pepper.2.Pack each potato individually in aluminum foil.3.Put the grill in a low heat.You may want to start baking potatoes before you cook the rest of the meal.Wrapped in foil, they keep hot for a few minutes.In order to reduce the cooking time, you can also microwave in advance.If you choose to microwave, be sure to poke holes in the potatoes with a fork.4.You can put potatoes anywhere on the grill, but avoid the hottest parts.The most convenient place is the top shelf, keeping the main shelf for your meat.5.Cook for about 45 minutes and turn occasionally.Cover and cook.When the fork is easy to insert in the middle, the potatoes are made, or when squeezed, the potatoes feel a little soft.Don't overcook.1.Cut the potatoes in half vertically.2.Score at the top of the potatoes, create a grid mode, make a beautiful presentation and speed up the cooking time of the grill.3.Brush the top of the potato with edible oil.Sprinkle spices (vanilla, spices, salt, pepper, etc ).) to taste.Place skinside on the top shelf of the grill.4.Cook for about 30 minutes.Follow these simple steps to bake potatoes wrapped in traditional tin paper, or open potatoes with crispy skinfaced potato.Try various recipes.Either way, you can make a delicious side dish with a steak, chicken or other meat.Throw your vegetables on the grill as well and you will have a perfect meal in a clean placeup.Sav \ 'Savoie writes for BBQGrillCompany.Brands such as Tmall and OCI.
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