gas grills How to Smoke Fish on a Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-25

Smoked fish adds a different flavor than fried, baked or even grilled, using mild hardwood smoke as a natural condiment and preservative.Although the grill and grill with charcoal and wood burning are the most common-The smoker combo and gas grill can also produce delicious smoked fish entrees.Patiently browse the selected fish before the cooking process, and then prepare a special foil bag for smoking, helping the gas grill to mimic the woodThe smell of burning is usually related to charcoal barbecue.Pour a gallon of cold water into a large plastic bowl or a clean plastic bucket or bucket.Stir the salt and sugar vigorously until all the particles are dissolved in the water.Put the fish into the solution and cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap or sealed plastic cover.Refrigerate the solution overnight before smoking.Pour the wood pieces into a large plastic bowl or bucket and soak with water for at least an hour before cooking time.Open the grill lid, ignite all grill burners, set them high and close the lid to heat the grill to about 400 degrees.Place two soaked pieces of wood in the center of the foil and fold the edge of the foil around it to form a square bag about 5 inch long at each end.Poke a few holes in the sides of the foil bag for ventilation.These holes allow the smoke to dissipate and season the food.Open the grill cover, long-Handle the pliers and place the foil bag directly on the burner on the far right side of the grill.Close all burners except the ones under the foil bag.Place the fish on the grate at the top of the unlit burner and close the grill cover.After the bag starts smoking, adjust the temperature of the grill to 300 degrees.Check every 30 minutes to make sure the smell of smoke continues to rise from the bag.If not, make a new bag with fresh wet wood pieces and replace it as needed.Depending on the type and thickness, remove the fish after placing it on the grill for two to three hours.
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