gas grills often turn out dangerous - grill gas

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
gas grills often turn out dangerous  -  grill gas
The Grill, especially the gas grill, is a device that is used with caution as they can put you in danger.
Most of the time, the gas tank of this grill can cause a fire.
Less than November 17, a fire burned the back porch of a house.
It started with a debris fire that was not completely extinguished and was dangerously close to the three propane tanks of a gas grill left by Robert delfia on the porch.
The pressure relief valve on one of the tanks was activated, causing a loud noise, initially described as an explosion, but the tank did not explode.
Fortunately, the incident soon ended with no victims or injuries, as the police officer on patrol noticed and reported the fire in the early days.
This is the case with external ignition factors, but there are many reports at the beginning of the fire due to manufacturing defects.
Therefore, despite being limited to the limits of manufacturing standards, there are still reports that home accidents occur from time to time due to manufacturing problems. The U. S.
The Consumer Product Safety Board receives reports of such accidents or failure cases that may endanger users, analyzes the situation and may decide to recall dangerous products.
Here are some examples of the recalled Grill and its producers: Jenn-
Maytag Corp. 's air downdraft gas cooker
Newton, Iowa.
November 18: 1,170 units were recalled.
Reason: The switch is located in a gas pipeline too close to it and ends up in a grill burner.
The resulting electric arches represent a fire hazard.
report: 4 reports-
Due to a gas leak, there was a fire during use and no injuries were sustained.
Vermont casting grilling Grill for burner Mo Port Railway produced Canada.
November 10: 12,500 units were recalled.
cause: gas leakage and fire hazard.
report: 38 reports-
However, there were no casualties or property losses.
Beefmaster Explorer outdoor gas grill produced by Nexgrill Industries, Inc.
, Walnut in Los Angeles County.
October 21: 10,000 units were recalled.
Reason: when adjusting the gas pressure regulator, the label on the valve can be positioned so that the consumer does not see its indication, so that it may be left on it by mistake.
Report: 2 reports-gas leak but no injuries or damage to property.
These are just the few dangerous products that have been reported recently.
Too much, isn't it, why so many inappropriate manufacturing products will arrive at the store and finally consumers will email here©File. write(new Date(). getFullYear()); HowtoAdvice.
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