gas grills Quick Tips: Make your credit cards work for you

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-07
gas grills Quick Tips: Make your credit cards work for you
Whether we buy a latte or a laptop, a gas grill or an oversized TV, it's possible to pay by credit card.But how much do we know about the plastic in our wallets?First, the average American has at least three credit cards.According to credit.You need at least two credit cards.Store Card not includedBecause you never know when the issuer will lower your limit or even close your account.It's a good idea to make your main card a bonus card, preferably notfee, cash-Back version, get up to 5% rebate when buying every day.Real Simple.Com provides a list of "Top 5 reward cards" for your consideration.You can also compare various credit cards and their features on the credit card guide.Com or bankrate.comcom.As for the second credit card, this should be retained as a spare card, mainly for emergency costs such as car repairs.What about all these features you see on any given credit card?There is a quick look here.Let's start with the numbers on the front of the card.The first number indicates the type of card you have.For example, Visa is 4 and MasterCard is 5.Other numbers identify the bank issuing the card and its currency, the user's account number and the "check number "."This verifies that the full digital series is legal.Some new cards have a chip in front of them, which is actually an embedded microprocessor that encrypts your personal information.These chips are currently standard features on cards issued overseas and are expected to become mainstream in the United StatesS.by 2015.The swipe bar on the back of the credit card contains the coded data.This includes the expiration date of the card, the code corresponding to the issuing country, your personal account number, and sometimes your authorized consumption limit.According to RealSimple, now look at some common myths about credit cards.Com: Myth #1: the fact that paying an annual fee is a waste of money: The card can be worth the price.But to be sure, do some quick calculations to see if the benefits you receive are paid or exceeded the annual fee.Myth #2: The fact that only one missed payment does not damage your credit score: in fact, it can and is largely the case.According to Liz Pulliam Weston, author of your credit score, if you miss a payment, your score can drop by more than 100 points.Setting up automatic bill payment is a great way to make sure you never miss the payment.Make sure your credit card serves you, not the other way around, as part of being a smart and savvy consumer.Regina Lewis is a national TV contributor and host of the USA Today "money quick tip" video.Follow her on Twitter: @ ReginaLewis.Previous money quick tip: Even after grocery shopping, the best secret behind hidden online prices is hidden in food costs. Using your 401 (k) in order to maximize retirement savings, finding potential false online review snow can be the best time to reconsider telecommuting for unemployment, finance and marriage. Will online shopping become more expensive?Deal with the five big trends of higher taxes, affect your ability to buy 2013 of the financial pros and cons, and prove your credit score for money to teenagers. The cost of life insurance should pay attention to pricing psychology?Six job tips in 90 seconds when is the best time to start a business can you afford 100?
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