gas grills Solaire Gas Grills are based on a unique cooking system

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-23
The Solaire Gas Grill has a unique cooking system.Instead of using...As a lava rock...The Solaire gas grill uses infrared radiant heat to cook food.The SameSolaire Gas Grill has a unique cooking system.Solaire gas grills cooks food using radiation infrared heat instead of using lava blocks as a convection heat source.This is the same cooking technique used by the best steak house, so you can get the delicious taste of a professional Grill in your own backyard.Most of the gas grills on the market today are cooked by convection.There are several drawbacks to this approach.In order to increase the temperature in the cooking area, the Hood must be turned off and the temperature drops rapidly whenever the hood is turned on.The food is cooked by heated air, which leads to the drying of the food.On the other hand, the Solaire gas grill is specially designed to produce high temperature radiant heat.The hood on the Solaire gas grill can be kept open as the heating element is cooking food instead of heating the air.The high temperature of the infrared burner reflects the outside of the food, locking the taste and moisture.The result is delicious juicy food, which is a fraction shorter than the traditional gas grill cooking time.There are several models to choose from for the Solaire gas grill.27 \ "petite Solaire infrared built-in-In Gas Grill (model SOL-IRBQ-27G) there are three infrared burners that produce 27,000 BTUs.With a total barbecue area of 461 square inches, there is also an optional electric barbecue shop.This model can run on propane or natural gas using the conversion kit that comes with the grill.30 inch infrared in SolaireRed Gas Grill has two infrared burners that produce 55,000 BTUs.A total of 703 square inches of cooking area and an optional electric barbecue shop.This model can be installed on a portable trolley or built into a custom cabinet.It can run on propane or natural gas.For heavy-Heavy Duty professional style cooking, Solaire 42 inch IRThe red gas grill on the trolley offers a barbecue area of 82,500 BTUs and 1027 square inches.At the other end of the balance, the Solaire portable gas grill is a compact grill that can be carried anywhere.It runs on a 1 pound propane bottle that provides one hour of cooking time.
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