gas plancha bbq - 2 burner bbq grill How to Change the Burner of a Char-Broil Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-07
gas plancha bbq - 2 burner bbq grill How to Change the Burner of a Char-Broil Gas Grill
Change a burner on your CharThe grill is not a very difficult project.Remove the old burner and bring it to the store before purchasing the replacement.Char-The Grill has a different size burner depending on the model you have.
The burner is fixed to the grill with a cotter pin.One or two pipes slide into the air valve inside the grill.Once you remove the cotter pin, the burner will slide out of the gas valve and you can carry the burner with you to purchase the replacement.
Close the supply valve on the tank.
Remove the fuel line from the tank by turning the connection nut counter-Clockwise by hand.Open the Char-Bake the gas grill and remove the main cooking grate.In order to replace the burner, you do not need to remove the grill on the upper part.
Remove the lava from the grill and pull out the rock grille.The flame hanger is untied from each end of the hanger connected to the inside of the grill.The hanger is an inclined part located above the burner.
Find the cotter pin that holds the front of the burner to the grill body.Remove the cotter pin with a pair of needle nose tongs.Lift the burner up and pull the burner Wenzhong tube out of the gas valve.
Set the new burner in the grill, and there is a Wenzhong tube inside the gas valve opening.Install the cotter pin and fix the burner on the grill body.Put the flame hanger back inside the grill and attach the end to the grill body.
Put the rock grate, lava and cooking grate back into the grill.Reconnect the fuel line to the tank
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