gas plancha bbq - 2 burner bbq grill How to Use Lava Rocks on a Gas Barbecue

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-07
gas plancha bbq - 2 burner bbq grill How to Use Lava Rocks on a Gas Barbecue
Lava Rock retains and reflects heat from the propane grill used to cook food.The rocks are traditionally used with gas grills because they are able to heat and radiate quickly and even grill.Used regularly, the lava should last for about two years, because the grease affects the taste, so it needs to be replaced, as well as the natural deterioration of the rock caused by frequent heating and cooling.
Lift the lid on the grill, remove the cooking grate, and pour new lava onto the grate on the propane burner.Arrange the lava rocks on the grate on one layer, the edges touch each other, and then replace the cooking grate.The rocks should not be stacked together.Open the gas, light the grill, then cover it and let the grill warm up for 10 minutes.
Schedule the cooking grate and the food on the grill according to the recommended time listed on the recipe.Take the cooked food out, then turn the grill burner up to burn the grease on the lava and the spilled food.Keep the heat for 10 minutes;This will clean up the rocks for the next barbecue.
After four to five barbecues, remove the cooking grate and turn the lava upside down (when the grill cools down ).This helps to clean the Rock and wear it evenly for longer use.When the rock starts to break or produce a constant smell of grease, replace the old lava rock with a fresh bag that cannot be removed by heating the grill for 10 minutes.
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