germans at their best when roasting their wurst - what's the best charcoal grill

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germans at their best when roasting their wurst  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
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My owner at Bamberg gave an example of competition while we were eating sausages in the market.
In three towns, Francisco. —
Berg, reggensburg and banberg-
It's been competing for centuries.
"What's the difference?
"Nurnberg sausage is very short and regenergger is very long, but this Bamberger," he saluted with sausage, "which is the best.
"But what's the difference? " I asked. He hesitated. "Umm, nothing.
The same taste.
But the length is right.
"I had a taste of rostbratwurst in five other French towns and found that Coburg did the best. The trick?
They bake on pine nuts.
In fact, there are subtle differences in recipes.
One area uses coriander and the other is lemon zest.
But they have a common foundation.
All sausages are made of coarse meat (mostly pork)
, About 20 centimeters long, cook on a grill on charcoal.
The so-called sausage can be fried in the pan or baked in the oven, but the sausage is always baked.
Where to find?
On the main square of any small town, commonly known as marktplatz, is often used as a farmer's market, and a stall surrounded by charcoal smoke sells rostbratwurst.
If you can't wrap the word around with your tongue, say "bit, bitte "(one, please)—
Only sausages are on the menu.
Pass the money to you and griller will give you a long sausage with a small rolls in the middle.
Spray a little mustard from a nearby plastic bottle, get out of the way of hungry people and eat something.
Of the four or five German states I had eaten on the street, I found the strongest dedication to rostbratwurst in turlingen.
The state's sausage was first mentioned in a bill in 1404, the first recipe it produced in 1432.
In 2003, the European Union granted it a protected geographical indication (
Like the name of French wine "original control ").
To use the name, the sausage's must be made from the ingredients on Thursday, and there are a series of regulations governing its preparation: for example, the sausage must be used on the day of production, if the sausage is frozen immediately, for a maximum of six months. ——
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