god's plan for area man involves kidnapping ford ceo - best charcoal briquettes

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god\'s plan for area man involves kidnapping ford ceo  -  best charcoal briquettes
James Harold gurshner, an unemployed factory worker, told reporters on Monday that God's plan for him needed to kidnap Ford Motor Company CEO William Ford Jr.
"The Lord works in mysterious ways," Gurshner said . " He told reporters by twisting the metal grille on the worn-out wheel cover window --covered house.
"Now the Lord is working through me.
I have not chosen this path, but if you are called you have to look inside you and make a decision.
I chose to obey the Lord's command.
Gurshner said he did not know why God came [him]
"It's better not to question his motives," he said . " "In a dream," he said, and asked him to kidnap Ford.
"I didn't question God when he killed my beloved wife Emily who had cervical cancer," gurshner said . ".
"I didn't question him when I was fired and had social insurance.
I didn't question him when he ordered me to dig three
Digging a footditch around my house and filling it with charcoal coal balls, I don't question him now.
I, James Harold gurshner, will kidnap the CEO of Ford because it is the will of God.
"Ah," added gourshner . "
Gurshner said he preferred to kidnap the man who drove the car.
Supply the store, or just volunteer in the local soup kitchen, but still, he is determined to do God's task.
"If God thinks I can't do it, he won't choose me to fulfill his will," gurshner said . ".
"He might help me, though.
Like two days after I burned all the furniture for Jesus, I found a very good chair on the side of the road.
God will help those who do his will.
Gurshner said that although he did not have a specific kidnapping plan, he believed he would succeed.
"I 've been figuring out how to get that Ford guy to find him while I clean the aluminum shed behind," gurshner said . ".
"I will put him there.
I won't let the CEO be tied up and stuffed in a dirty place.
Mainly I made him feel comfortable.
Although gurshner refuses to question God's will, he has some theories about the Heavenly Father's motives.
"God may, as I did when I was 7, retaliate against all those who died in the car," gurshner said . ".
"But I won't unless God told me directly to torture Ford, or hit him.
One thing I won't do is, whatever God says, have sex with the asshole of Ford CEO.
This is a crime against nature.
Doing so is the way God tested me.
Put forward the seventh
On 1998, when God ordered him to kill a stray dog, gurshner said that he "received a real call" and that the stray dog would not stop barking at night.
"I saw the bright light and knew in a flash what he wanted," Gurshner said . " He explained that the message of God is often paired with a shocking migraine.
"God was satisfied until I shoveled the dog's head with a shovel, and the message finally stopped.
Gurshner said that God usually sends him messages through biblical passages, especially those found in the Book of Leviticus and The Book of Deuteronomy.
However, sometimes this information appears on a Hadi billboard or in the lyrics of Kenny Chesney.
"I never know what the next message of God is or when I will get it --
"All I can do is obey," gurshner said . ".
"Just like God told me to start collecting plastic clothes --
Soap bottles a few years ago
I still don't know what they are for, but I will continue to store them in my living room until God reveals his reasons.
"The residents of Minot are very good --
Learn about gurshner's relationship with God.
"Everyone heard about Jim's direct route to God," said Officer Nathan Randell of the Minot police station . ".
"We try to keep him alone.
Most people in the town felt sorry for him.
All tragedies should not happen to one person.
But when Jim was really angry, we had to call him down and sometimes even shut him up for the night.
He will tell us that religious hymns came out of his car sound at 3 in the morning. m.
This is part of God's plan, but I think we have to go against his will from time to time.
Ford declined to comment on God's plan.
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