good charcoal grill grilling - direct heating method vs indirect heating ...

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-30
good charcoal grill grilling - direct heating method vs indirect heating ...
The direct heating method is that you usually think of a barbecue and a barbecue.When the food is cooked directly on the heat source.This method is best used for smaller cuts of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.
For example, hamburgers, hot dogs, kebabs, steaks, etc.Spread the coal evenly over the charcoal furnace.Place the cooking grate on the coal and place the food on the cooking grate for cooking.
Close the lid on the grill and cook.
Since you will lose precious heat, try not to lift the lid too often.Only food or test donations can be turned by elevator.Preheat the grill by turning all the burners up.
Place your food on the cooking grate and adjust all the burners to the desired temperature according to your recipe.Close the lid of the grill for food.Lift the lid only for turning food or testing doneness.Every time you bring lead, you lose heat very quickly.
Indirect heating is done when the heat source is around the food and not directly under the food.This method is only available for covered grills.It's more like baking or roasting food in the oven.
This method is best used for larger, less tender cuts of meat, such as barbecues, spareribs, or food that can easily explode.It is also good for vegetables and other foods that are easy to dry.Arrange the hot coal evenly on both sides of the charcoal grate.
If you want to collect feces to make it easier to clean up, you can place an aluminum drip tray in the middle of a charcoal grate between coal, reducing flash or for use in sauces or gravy.If you find your drops burning, you can add a little water to the drip tray as you move forward.Place the grate you use to cook on coal, place your food on the grate, directly on the drip tray (if you are using it) or on the open space.
Put the lid on the grill and cover it.
You just want to open the lid when baking cakes or when you need to check if the food is finished.Lifting the lid often gives off too much heat.Preheat your gas grill with all the burners on and the lid off.
When the temperature reaches where you want it, close one burner and adjust the other burner accordingly to keep the temperature.You will cook food on a grate without a heat source.You can cook directly on the grate, or you can put it in an aluminum pan first.
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