Good Enough to Read: Latin Grill - charcoal grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Good Enough to Read: Latin Grill  -  charcoal grills
Senior food writer Irene Sachs tells us a new recipe to share healthy and delicious recipes.This month's book was written by Rafael Palomino.Summer did not really come until the grill appeared.We have longHandling pliers and longOven gloves.If we are ready to go beyond the summer of Hamburg and Franks, we will open up inspiring books by Raphael Palomino.Colombian-Palomino, born, owns several Phan.The Latin restaurant where he served the food.The recipe in his book must be stuffy because there are some peppers --But not all.of them.But their simplicity will delight rush chefs who are looking for healthy food.How simple?A Nuevo-Throw together the roasted long leaves and avocado slices and pieces of Parmesan cheese to make a Latino Caesar salad.Chicken nuggets strung up with red onion and avocado, then baked with heat to caramelize the mango.honey glaze.Grilled shrimp with pickled fish in sour orange juicelike marinade.Portobellos brush with mint garlic sauce and sprinkle with chopped pecans.Panini is made of a tacos folded over the shaved Parmesan cheese.Sliced ham.If these are not easy enough, Palomino offers sauces that can be made in advance and used with anything you decide to throw on coal: sauces like the sundried-Tomato from Colombia, made of limeOnion, tomato, chili or braisedGarlic oil in the scallop recipe below.There is a clear link between simple cooking and a healthy diet.When the recipe only uses some simple ingredients --Scallops, garlic, avocadoYou know exactly what you get.When technology is basic and simple, you are more likely to cook at home than order pizza or other takeaways from packaged paradise --knows-Extra caloriesThis is not a book that teaches you the basics of backyard cooking.If you want to know how to make a fire or test if the steak is delicious, you have to check it out somewhere else.(Although it is worth noting that Palomino prefers gas rather than charcoal grills because they glow faster and have more stable heat.But if you're looking for some of the more brilliant ideas for a summer meal, you can find them here.Bring up these tender garlic.Have fragrant scallops on brown rice or green side dish salad.A fast dish that is elegant enough for the company.Do you know what's wrong with this recipe?2 pounds of meat can meet the needs of 8 people, not 4, especially when you add rich cheese and avocado.A pound of good ground beef is enough for four delicious Latin beef.Affects hamburgers.
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