great little friends for the cook - camping portable grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-26
great little friends for the cook  -  camping portable grill
The name of the game is small.
Small ovens, microwave ovens, irons, food processors and coffee machines are bothering us.
You name it and the compact counterpart is there.
This mini category seems to be getting bigger and bigger.
Another little thing from the big and bulky class just got to the west coast.
Let's welcome our friends.
It may have missed the start of the Memorial Day, barbecue and picnic season, but this charming bright red --
July 4, Labor Day and more picnic or camping trips will provide you with an orange grill.
Of course, it is also possible at any time in the backyard or on the terrace.
Favorite picnic
Since it was introduced a few years ago, the United States has a good friend.
Don McNeil, its inventor, said: "This is completely handmade and we are very proud of it . " (
McNeil corporateAlvarado in TeX)
He also invented products like hands.
Take the calculator and the vibrating pillow.
"Your friends can be handed down from generation to generation. . . we hand-
"Make it with solid steel," McNeil said . ".
Fully assembled, this 16-
The Pound portable grill is perfect for bold art deco patterns.
The hood is round and hinged for easy opening and locking;
There is a small chimney behind and a long rocking handle.
The little partner's legs are strong and good-balanced;
Instead of folding up like other portable grills, they are welded to the body so that the device does not turn upside down.
"You'll be surprised that it uses fewer charcoal coal balls than any other grill," McNeil said . " He likes to cook quail meat and pheasant on a grill.
The barbecue only takes about 12 to 16 pieces of coal balls and cooks for 2 1/2 hours at about 350 degrees or medium fire.
We found this small grill to cook faster.
When the hood is turned off, a turbine effect is generated so that the heat cycles well and the taste remains the same.
Small Pal is designed for charcoal cooking ($39)
Or used with propane ($79 or less)
There is lava rock inside. The throw-
Away propane bottle (14. 1-ounce)
It usually lasts about four hours and is placed on the bracket on the lower leg of the grill.
Quit your small partner and welcome Lil' l Didi. Wear-Ever Proctor-
Silex calls its products number one in the world. in-
A drip coffee machine. It is self-contained--
Glass bottles are built in and no one will worry about handling or replacing glass cans. Proctor-
The lil Drip of Silex contains everything in its compact form: a reservoir, a heating device, a glass bottle and a filter basket.
Since I don't like to come up with lengthy instructions, it seems complicated to prepare a pot of coffee at the first glance and quickly go through the instructions.
But it turned out to be easy.
You will find it similar to any other automatic drip coffee machine.
Uniquely, you don't have to remove the filters and the ground before pouring the coffee.
The filter basket design has an extended lip to prevent the ground from overflowing during pouring.
The main focus of the 45-minute hot coffee maker is that lil Drip can make extra hot coffee and keep it hot for 45 minutes wherever it is, wherever it is
This summer is especially ideal for people who want to dine outdoors and have coffee on the terrace.
How does the coffee machine keep the heat? Proctor-
Silex developed a thermal action design with a double wall structure.
Also, the reservoir serves as an insulator for glass bottles as it actually revolves around it. Li'l Drip ($57. 95)
White, Black phenol-based, 10 inch high and 8 1/2 wide from spout to handle.
The safety power indicator indicates that it has been plugged in.
Hartman catalog showroom and small Pal portable barbecue grill available through its mail-
Order Department;
Select block's shop by midJune;
Scott and Peters (Whittier)
And Camping World (Anaheim).
L'l drop service available at selected May Co
And Broadway Stores.
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