grill for bbq 5 Food Stocks Prepping For BBQ Season

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-16
grill for bbq 5 Food Stocks Prepping For BBQ Season
According to the Almanac of 2014 old farmers, this summer will be a hot summer.In addition to one of the 16 regions of the United States, all regions will see above --Average temperature in Texas this summerThe region of Russia and Central and Western may suffer from drought.Parts of Texas and oakrama-Panhandel in central Texas and southwest Russia--Extreme drought conditions that have deteriorated badly last week.Western California, the country's largest producer of agriculture, is in progress for three-This year, the drought has swept 95% of the state, spurred the drilling boom and pushed food prices to record highs.Beef prices, in particular, soared at an average of $5.In March 29, the high-end round steak was selected, which has been set for nearly 30 years.Usually, as the barbecue season approaches, beef prices tend to rise near the summer, but the drought reduces beef stocks, while demand for beef continues to increase, leading to higher wholesale prices for beef.This bodes well for Alico (Nasdaq: ALCO) and other cattle farmers, but for Leucadia (NYSE: LUK-Retailers and consumers who have to pay more for livestock and meat.Click here for more information and view this chart in full.The rise in beef costs is also good news for processors who provide chicken and/or pork, such as Tyson Foods (NYSE: TSN), Sanderson farm and Pilgrim.(Nasdaq: PPC), as expected by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Americans flock to poultry and "another white meat" during the barbecue season to buy cheaper beef alternatives.The price of poultry and pork is still higher than in the past.In terms of pork, last year's swine epidemic diarrhea (PED) killed millions of pigs, pushed up prices and threatened to cut production by 7% this year.S. Department of Agriculture expects per capita consumption of poultry to rise to 101 pounds this year after reaching 99 poultry.2013 6 pounds.The agency also estimates that pork consumption will grow to 47.1 pounds one person from 46.9 pounds a year ago.Click here for more information and view this chart in full.So who will benefit?Looking carefully at the financial status of domestic poultry and/or pork processors, it can be found that Tyson, the largest beef and poultry producer in the United States, is the only company with quarterly revenue growth faster than quarterly inventory growth-over-year.Revenue grew by 4 during the first quarter of 2014 as of December 28.72% to $8.76 billion from $8.37 billion in Q1 2013.At the same time, inventory-Proportion of current assets--fell to 53.12% from 54.43% a year agoThis shows that the company is easy to clean up its inventory and can be seen as an encouraging sign.When it comes to inventory and revenue, Tyson's earnings report shows that pork and beef achieved the biggest revenue growth in the company's five segments, up 4.48% and 7.14% respectively.The income of chicken has only increased by 2.08%, paragraph 1 3.Sales rose 6%--The second highest of all clips.Chickens also achieved a record $0.225 billion in operating income this quarter.On the other hand, there are 2 pork.Sales fell 1% and operating income fell to $0.125 billion from $0.121 billion.Beef sales increased by 4.1%, operating income increased by 1 year on year.From 6% dollars to 58 million to 46 million beauty yuan.Click here for more information about these companies.As DuPont has pointed out, meat processors also have a better source of profit than their peers.The formula measures the return on equity by examining profit margins, total asset turnover and financial leverage;The increase in net profit margin and/or asset turnover is considered a positive source of growth, while the increase in leverage is considered negative.According to DuPont's analysis, Tyson's net profit margin rose to 2.9% from 2 in Q1 2014.The same period last year was 07%, the first quarter was 2014, and the asset turnover rate was 0.74 to 0.705 in Q1 2013.The company's leverage ratio fell to 1.884 from 1.968 a year ago.Disclosure: I do not have a position in any of the stocks mentioned, nor do I have a plan to start any position in the next 72 hours.Disclosure of business relations: Kapitall is a team of analysts.This article was written by Mary.One of our writers, Lynn Cesar.We have not received compensation for this article (other than seeking Alpha) and we have no business relationship with the company of any stock mentioned in this article.
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