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by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-26
  -  grill gas
Police said a woman lit a cigarette on Sunday and their SUV exploded, injuring two people while transporting a gas stove.
The accident happened at about 3: 26 p. m. m.
Located at the entrance to the central Florida playground, it is close to Colonial Avenue and pitparrish Avenue.
According to Lt, the man and his wife have a gas grill in the back of Kia Sorrento.
Cindy Lane of The Orlando Police Department
The grill is opened, and the propane tank connected to the grill is opened and connected.
Police said the SUV exploded when his wife went to light a cigarette.
The vehicle continued west and hit a pole.
The driver and passengers who were not identified were transported to a burned Regional Hospital.
Their injuries are not. life-
Ryan said it was a threat.
Pictures posted on the Orlando Police Station Twitter account showed the SUV was badly damaged.
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