grill gas 11 tips for outdoor cooking safety

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-07
grill gas 11 tips for outdoor cooking safety
The Vancouver Fire Rescue Center has warned backyard chefs to watch out for a barbecue during the May Day holiday.Capt.Gabe Roder said Vancouver firefighters responded to more than a dozen barbecue fires last year, resulting in a total loss of more than $95,000."There are two different types of barbecues: gas barbecues and propane barbecues," he said ."."Both of these gases are very unstable if they are not respected."While cooking outdoors, here are some tips to keep it safe: check the fuel hose and clean grease during the barbecue.Make sure the hood is open when the barbecue is lit so that the gas does not gather in it.Don't use gasoline when starting a barbecue.Only Charcoal lighting solution is used.Do not spray lighter liquid on hot coal.Never leave the barbecue unattended.Fire extinguishers or garden water pipes are nearby.Avoid wearing loose clothes during a barbecue or barbecue.Make sure your BBQ is at least one metre away from your house or other combustible items.Don't move the lit BBQ.Make sure the gas grill is closed and completely cooled before covering the gas grill.After the barbecue, put out the coal.When using pliers and oven gloves, immerse the coal in the water of the metal barrel.
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