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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-04
Barbecue problem-And how to solve their problem of cooking outdoors.Fun, simple, trouble-free -or is it?Well, yes, this is often the case, but sometimes the barbecue chef does have some problems.But don't worry, we are here to solve the problem.Hot spots for gas and charcoal barbecues.With charcoal fire, it is possible to allocate coal to balance the temperature, but if this is still a problem, you may need to throw away food from the grill before the fire dies down, or just transfer the food around the grill, and if your food is in danger of being burnt out, instead of cooking all the way equally, identify a cooler place.When you are a newbie togas Grill and have a brand new gas grill, you may find that you simply burn the food because the gas Barbie doll is extremely efficient and sometimes cooks well, especially if you're not used to it.You may also find hot spots in your gas grill over time, resulting in uneven cooking area.Just like the charcoal grill, you need to move the food inside the grill and put it in a cool place if it's easy to over cook or cook too fast.Gas Grill that doesn't shine first, make sure you have gas in your tank!It seems obvious, as we all know, but this is the first thing to verify.Once you know you have enough gas, check to see if the ignition will spark.If not, check that nothing blocks the burner.If you can't see any problems, you need to find a maintenance person to check the cable for you.Be careful when checking your gas grill and anything that involves gas or electricity, and if you're not clear, it's better to call the specialist.If you use a charcoal barbecue or a gas barbecue to keep it in good care, the corroded barbecue will extend its service life and make your life easier.Going to the garden after work only to find that the barbecue needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it can start cooking is frustrating.Develop the habit of cleaning and drying all important parts after the barbecue cools, and you can open the gas barbecue at any time.The BBQ cover can also protect it from elements unless you have a shed, garage or outhouse to store your grill.There's a leak in your place!Close the barbecue immediately and contact the expert.Did your burger break on the grill?If you make your own burgers (unless you buy delicious ones from a butcher or farmer's market, they usually produce the most results ), see what meat you use is worth it.You should use top-Quality, expensive, you may miss the fat content.Fat helps to combine burgers together, so use cheaper minced meat with a higher fat content next time.Frozen minced meat will also break down faster, so use fresh minced meat and try to find pieces that are not ground too thin.If you want to be ready for an outdoor meal at any time, make your own burger with fresh minced meat, once ready, and freeze.Many people combine burger ingredients with eggs, so it's worth a try when mixing burgersAvoid adding a lot of onions or pepper, as these will cause the whole pie to crack during cooking.Another option is to chop up the vegetablesIf you have a food processor, it will handle the problem well.Don't forget to put the burgers in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before cooking to help them keep the shape of the burger.Try not to move or flip the burger frequently throughout the cooking process, because if your fire is uniform and not too hot, it will also cause the burger to fall apart, which is not a necessary food, stick to the grill first, with the best-Since Cheap grills often encourage persistence, you can choose a high quality grill.In addition, be sure to oil the grill-Cooking spray makes it simple (but be sure to spray before you start the barbecue ).Also, don't move the food too much, and don't try to push the food to the grill with a spatula.Outside, there is no cooking place in the center, this is a disaster barbecue chef --Formula for food poisoning.Never provide food that is not cooked thoroughly.The trick is to get your BBQ to a uniform temperature.If you cook with charcoal, leave enough time for the coal to turn white --This will give you the most even temperature.If the food is cooked too fast, move it to the outer edge of the fire --Or lift the grill higher so it's farther away from the fire.
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