grill with side burner 5 killer outdoor kitchens

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-25
grill with side burner 5 killer outdoor kitchens
$70,000 like BBQ but tired of outdoor activities?Cal Flame recently launched the ultimate outdoor theater.It is characterized by an ocean.grade, anti-fog, anti-glare 63-inch high-HD plasma TV with two subwooferBuilt-in sound speakersIPod dock at Sirius SatelliteStereo system and game system input-In addition to three luxurious, weatherproof outdoor recliner.Of course, you also need everything for a great chef --Including five people.Burner grill with two side burners.The cocktail center comes with an ice maker, a beer faucet, a refrigerator and a blender to make the mix of margar Tower wine a breeze.www.calflamebbq.
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