grill with side burner Choosing the right grill

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grill with side burner Choosing the right grill
5 tips: Make the most of your grill selection New York (CNN/Money )-OK, maybe you're not the host of the Food Network, Bobby Fry, "hot" on the grill "."But on this Memorial Day weekend, you can still impress family and friends with traditional cooking methods.The consumer report listed the top gas grill in the June issue.So, if you want to do something a little better, there are five tips today.Admit it.We all walked into a store and thought we knew exactly what we wanted and needed, and next you will know that you are spending away from the price range with all the fancy stuff.This is the time to check the reality.As we enter the BBQ season, step back and think about the grill you really need.Are you going to cook for 20 people this summer?Or will it be used for small home cooking?Consumers report that the price of gas grills often depends not only on their size, but also on their quality, convenience and features.But the first thing.The three main price ranges of the grill are the basic price, the intermediate priceHigh price-end."Basic" grill is best for people who want gasAccording to the consumer report, there is no decoration for the barbecue.With this Grill, the cooking area is often relatively small, just like the trolley it rolls on.Basic grill prices range from $100 to $199.You may want to think about a "middle" in order to go further"priced" grill.This will meet the needs of most outdoor chefs as most models can cook enough food for 10 people at a time.You will also find some additional features such as side burner, which allows you to prepare side dishes, oil tables, steam engines and stainless steel to help you save timeSteel or coated castings-iron grates.These two grilles tend to get better while keeping the grill temperature more consistent than the one made of porcelain --coated steel.Prices on these items range from $200 to $499.But you have to be careful because, despite the large size, some of the grills in this price range are actually closer to the base model.Finally, if you want to buy a grill for $500 to $1,500, you can invite the whole community.These all-The Stainless Steel Grill can hold food for 15 or more people, and some even come with a grill burner.However, keep in mind that the larger the cooking area, the more difficult it is to distribute heat evenly.Remember that no matter what type of grill you decide to buy, make sure it has the features you really need.Otherwise, it could be a real waste of money.Now that you have a better idea of the price of the grill, you are ready to go there and find the best return for your money.There is another benefit for consumers: more competition.Home Depot, the competition between Wal-MartMart, Lowe's and other large retailers that now sell more than 70% gas grills are working for morefor-less trend.So how did you make the decision?Consumer Reports have some ideas.They recently tested 29 grills in three categories, small, averageBig size.They tested the uniformity of each grill when cooking, grilling and convenience, and further narrowed the playground by selecting five grills into the "best buy" category.In the smaller grill, Kenmore got a Best Buy rating.Its price is $170, which is available in Sears.However, you need a pit to grab its handle, which can get hot during cooking.Although not on Best Buy list, Weber Q is another interesting option if you buy a smaller grill in the market.This is a portable grill designed for tailgate parties.It also comes with an optional trolley and a larger fixed BBQ can.The price tag?$265.For average-Size grill, consider Vermont Castings for sale at Home Depot for $400.In addition to an excellent rating on the test results, this Grill comes with stainless steelSteel decoration and plenty of shelf space.Stainless steel thermos bottle is anotherThe sales target for large barbecue ovens is $400.It is one of the most affordable stainless steelsteel grills.The consumer report also recommends a long-term warranty for the Coolman 5100 series.It was sold at Lowe's for $270.Fiesta Optima has a spacious warm rack for only $200.You can find the details of other grills in the consumer report of June.Pick up a copy on the newsstand or log in to www.Consumer Reports.org.However, this is a paid site ($4 ).$95 per month or $26 per year ).The grill may look attractive, but is it dangerous to wait for it to happen?First feel how strong and strong the grill is.A bad grill is likely to swing.If it swings in the store, you can only think about how it will support your patio.Be sure to check in the store.How many wheels does it have?Two or four?Second, consumers should choose plastic or wooden handles on the grill.These handles are usually not as hot as metal.A good drainage system is also key.This will help prevent the torch-ups.Another important test is the decline.lid test.You want to see if the grill stays bright when the lid drops quickly, or if it's a windy day.How easy is the flame to blow out, especially when it is set to a low setting?This can be dangerous because the propane gas will continue to pour into the grill even if the flame goes out.If someone ignites a match on a grill, it may ignite the collected propane gas in a big bang.Finally, as far as the warranty is concerned, you don't want to fix any issues in less than 10 years.The consumer report points out which Grill has a long-term warranty.OK, you can start the barbecue now.But the last thing you want to do is burn those burgers in front of your family and friends.On www.Consumer Reports.People who want to be a barbecue master can find a list of seven barbecue methods for free.These are the key mistakes you don't want to make: don't warm up the grill.Make sure to heat the grill with a lid for 10 to 15 minutes before you want to cook, and the burner is set high.Food tends to stick to the cool grille.Next, the key is to keep this lid.When it is turned on, the heat will dissipate, and your guests may have to wait a little longer because the cooking is slow.Don't think it is necessary to barbecue thick meat with high temperature.The meat will be baked on the outside, but it is not cooked enough in it.So use high temperature scorched, then turn off the burner under the food and set the other burner to high or medium-high.Next, a barbecue on a dirty grill will stick your food together and you may leave some unwelcome taste on the meat.Finally, the last thing you want to do is run out of gas for 20 people in your backyard.While some grills are sold with fuel tables, for other grills it becomes a guessing game about how much gasoline is left.In laboratory testing, the consumer report presents a rough guide on how to judge how much propane is left.They recommend disconnecting the gas tank, pouring some hot water on the side of the tank, and then feeling it.The cooling area of the tank indicates the presence of gas, and the hotter the feeling, the less gas is available.PROPS!You have a grill, and now you just need something cool.Food & Wine magazine surveyed several barbecue experts and listed some things that had to be doneThere are items this summer.If you're going to do some barbecue, try the silicone grill brush for Sili cuisine.The bristles on this brush are made of silicone.Unlike synthetic bristles that can fall off the brush and melt into the food, the silicone can withstand heat, is easy to clean and does not fall off.The price tag?$17.50.If this is the handle you're looking for, what about the $20 Duncan BBQ handle?The handle is high byend heat-Resistant to materials.Messermeister has Springs if you need some new pliers-$7 lock clamp.25.Several barbecue experts say springLoading pliers can resist clamping, so they are the best for people with strong bicep.These can be used as a "guy-pick."On the other hand, the barbecue expert also suggested that the price of the lock clamp for OXO is $9.Their spring-Load them more gently and make them easier to use.To add a little flavor to the taste, consider some of the wood particles in the joy of BBQr.You get a one-$4 pound pack.Taste of Sassafras and black walnut.You just have to put them in your smoker's box to get some extra flavor.Finally, if you don't have time to season the grill, the lodge logic Grill for Rocky cast iron is already seasoned.$36. an actor.You just put the iron mesh on the grill that comes with the grill and use it to cook.Although it's great for BBQ, but actorTo avoid rust, iron must be seasoned.So it makes your barbecue more low-key.maintenance.Gerri Willis is a personal financial editor for CNN Business News.Willis, too.The host side of CNNfn is from 11a on weekdays.m.to 12:30 p.m.(ET).E-Post comments to 5 tips @ cnnfn.com.
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