grill with side burner Convert Smoker to LPG - Proof on Concept

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-14
grill with side burner Convert Smoker to LPG - Proof on Concept
I like barbecue. I like barbecue.Unfortunately, I have a condition that makes it very difficult to smoke meat, a disability in adult attention --self diagnosed;) Smoking ribs takes about 6 hours.That's not bad.But a down-sized ass or cow bris may need 14-16+ hours!This is a long time for smokers.While there are no shortcuts in BBQ, there are tools to make life easier.Smokers with gas and electricity but they don't like how cheap I am.So I decided to look into the feasibility of converting my Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) from charcoal to gas.I ventured into freecycle's underground junkies and soon picked up an old turkey fryer.Smoking is about three things;Temperature, smoke and time...With this setting, all I can do is keep the WSM temperature around 225.This requires setting the regulating valve on the Turkish Fryer to barely open.However, the amount of work to keep the temperature is much smaller compared to the use of charcoal.Foil is not a good solution for smoke.My wood is barely really burning and the smoke is released.Propane use.I measured my propane by weight, but sadly my number is misplaced.I used less than 2 lbs.During the fire time of about 7 hours, the content of propane may exceed.This is cheaper than charcoal.Results: the ribs came out very well, but not very well.There is a smoke ring, but the smell of smoke is much lighter than usual.Conclusion: I think the proof of concept is successful.I believe that smaller burners and/or low pressure regulators may provide more control over the temperature.Now I am looking for an old grill with side burner as I think it will lower the rating of BTU.As for the smoke, I don't think the foil can provide enough heat transfer.To smoke better, I will use a frying pan that steals plates or old cast iron.So I will continue this mission.If someone has done this successfully, please share!Update when available.
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