grill with side burner How to Grill Pizza - What is the Best Way?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-27
Summer is heating up all over the country and around the world.Most of us don't have the heart to think about turning on the oven, not to mention heating the kitchen and turning on the air conditioner that was speeding in the house.Many of us, however, are eager for that delicious house --Taste of grilled pizzaThe best way to go home-The taste of baking at home does not need to be heated, and the kitchen uses a grill outside.Some claim that you will taste better than a clean convection oven, as charcoal adds to the smoky flavor that can only be found in a deep pit oven in a popular restaurant.One of the most popular ways to make grilled pizza is to use flat bread and tomatoes, cheese and olive oil.Ingredients are simple and can be combined to make virtual masterpieces when fresh.Even if you don't want to use flat bread, the round pizza crust will cook quickly on the super hot barbecue surface.If you heat the grill, you can cook the shell quickly and there will be a soft, chewy crispy shell inside.One of the drawbacks of cooking on a grill is that there is no top heat source.The heat is obviously only coming from the bottom, which means you can turn on the broiler at the end to melt the cheese.Instead, put the cheese on top first to make sure it melts well on the crispy crust.Add ketchup to the cheese.Finally, add your toppings.Since pizza is cooked quickly on the grill and there is no top heat source, you need to make sure your ingredients are pre-preparedCook and add sauce while hot.For example, fry the sausage on the side burner of the grill and add it after the cheese and sauce cover the shell.The same is true for vegetable ingredients like spinach, mushrooms or green peppers that need to be softened.If you like crispy edges on spicy Italian sausages or ham, you have to cook them to get them before topping the pie.For many pizza lovers, it is worth having to do extra work on the ingredients in order to get the crispy crust.Maybe the most important trick to bake a good pie on your backyard barbecue is to make sure all the elements are in place before you start.The shell will cook in less than a minute and everything else melts so fast that you have to be ready.Once all this is combined, pizza is a delicious addition to any summer evening.Don't forget the BBQ in winter!
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