grill with side burner How to Modify a Camping Grill With Side Burner

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-14
grill with side burner How to Modify a Camping Grill With Side Burner
When I met my current wife Melissa, there was a portable camping gas grill in her cabin.I remember I was always praising how well this Grill was done.Heavy duty steel for base and stainless steel top.We took a camping trip with us.I remember being very disappointed with how long it took to make a burger.All I can do is stare at it incredibly.This reminds me of it!I saw your head spinning and my wife is gone now!!!This is what I came up with and I am very happy with the results...This is what I originally looked like when I found the grill.Just your standard camping BBQ and your side bottle of propane Mountain.I still can't believe how durable the grill grate is compared to the regular grill.The only bad thing about the whole grill is that the burner is too bad.It only took 30 minutes to make a burger!!!Our Daily Grill has finally rotted, so I saved the side burner including propane valves and pipelines, front valve plates and electronic starters.I unscrew the bracket on the propane valve from the grill and then unscrew the valve from the burner.I bought a new duel Burner for $25 from Walmart.00.I assembled the bracket for sitting at the bottom of the grill and installed a flexible fuel hose.It didn't come with an electronic starter, so I cut off an old burner from a cheap mini camping grill and I put it on a new one.I drilled (2) 1 inch holes at the bottom of the grill to pass the fuel tube through these holes so that the burner can be flat to the bottom.I used 1/2 square feet of material on the panel stand.The original panel was long so I cut it off to fit the grill of that size.I then made 2 support brackets with 1 1/2 angle iron to help maintain the weight of the face and fuel valve rails and 2 valves.In order for the side burner to work, I need to make it smaller first, and secondly I have to make a stand to fix it.To make it smaller, I screwed down the burner plate and burner from the bulky frame.Then I made a square frame with the same 1/2 square feet.Then I screwed the frame to the side of the grill.Then I made some frame support for the burner so it can handle the weight of the burner and a pot of water, or anything else you would cook on the side burner.
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