grill with side burner Throw the ultimate cookout this summer with these must-have grilling tools

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grill with side burner Throw the ultimate cookout this summer with these must-have grilling tools
Cooking used to mean hamburgers and dogs.Ketchup and mustardIt is a tradition that is as fresh as summer and as fresh as Americans.Lawn and baseball.Nowadays, with the rise of gourmets, millennials and median household income, barbecue is undoubtedly more important."It's a legitimate hobby," says Elizabeth Carmel, owner of the Carolina thread.Head to the area and the New York Hill Country Barbecue Market as a former executive chef."This is probably the most talked about --About the American way of cooking."Family chefs are trying the type of food they grill --Watermelon, eggplant, even oysters and Green mouth.They are developing their own spice friction and have purchased more than one Grill.Die-Hards is even designing an outdoor kitchen.In a project in North Virginia, Charlene Kennerknecht and her partner, Arch Williams, created a "cave", a cabin --Just like the structure of the kitchen, dining room and living room.As outdoor entertainment becomes a summer event, customers even ask for outdoor TV, bar seating and fire pits.But maybe you don't know how to start.Decide whether you are burning gas or charcoal first.For the sake of taste and convenience, "the gas can't be defeated," Karmel said.But "charcoal will be fun when you have more time to do your hands --on."What do you eat?Pay attention to Karmel's mantra: if you can eat it then you can grill it.As entertainment expert Susan spogen said, put the food on, "it's inside at the beginning of the party."The only real mistake you can make is to call a hot dog a" barbecue "because, as the Southerners quickly tell you, it is only a barbecue if it is cooked low and slow.Everything else is just a "barbecue "--This is not to say that there is a problem.We may be baking fruit and pizza these days, but there is still nothing more classic than classic.Place hot dogs or sausages in a packed wooden tray of food 52.($20 for a set, food52.com).They are of the right size to put all the fixtures, even banana baked desserts, in the peel and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar --One of Carmel's favorites.Reward: The tray is far superior to the fragile paper tray for small hands.If you don't have BBQ sauce on your hands and there's no corn stick line on your teeth, it's not really cooking.But who says your style can't be cleaned up?"I always use cloth napkins," said Kennerknecht ."."Outside, you usually have a barbecue and the paper towels don't cut."Humanist human-character napkins (a set of six $32, humanist ).com).Karmel once taught Martha Stewart how to cook beer.Can chicken says all that is needed for a delicious barbecue is knowledge of direct and indirect heating, and there are three ingredients: Jewish salt, pepper and goodQuality olive oil.These corn salt and pepper shakers are the most popular barbecue food in the United States, corn on corn sticks ($6, crateand barrel.com).The consumer report gave a high rating of stainless steel Garden and gardensteel four-Burner gas grill with side burner, good pre-heating and even cooking (Walmart, $248 ).com).Burger capacity is 32-Right for the hungry.For all grills, the consumer report recommends that you look for seamless construction and welded joints before purchasing, and even push the grill to ensure its stability.The barbecue will be a mess.Find an apron with pockets and a lot of fabric, such as a red apron for picnic chic buffalo check ($35, picnicfashion ).com).Karmel stumbled across the way her favorite burger was baked.She is testing the recipe and only needs to bake small pieces of meat, so she took out her cabin logic model --Iron plates ($20, Sears) that prevent debris from falling from grates ).com).Burger skin is dinner.So she cooked the meal.The next time she treats the guests, she will prepare the size burger for the guests.Drink to the perfect sear with a dishwasher from GovinoSafe flute made of the same thin and delicate anti-broken plasticIt feels like a crystal (set of four for $23, govino.com).The thumb cut holds the glass firmly in the hand.In the terrain's floral sketch melamine serving bowl, the side dish will find a home that looks like a ceramic;the bamboo-Fiber melamine does not break if it falls on the road outside ($32, terrain.com).Take a look at Karmel's first recipe, tame the flame, and learn the twists and turns: Chicago steakhouse salad, Hallelujah potato salad and bourbon sweet mashed potatoes.These acacia-Wood and stainless steelSteel corn holders of the German manufacturer Schmidt brothers are a step forward compared to plastic holders in the past, just like grass --The Fed beef is more expensive than the traditional one (gracioushome, $16 for a set of four pairs of beef ).com).Dress up your corn with pepper and lime wedges to make it worth the premium holders.The new member of the outdoor life of Coyote is Asado independent ceramic grill, kamado-Style smokers for centuriesOld design in JapanOnce again popular with green big eggs.Asado burns wood chips or charcoal with a grille with a direct openingHeated cooking and scorched including a folding trolleyGet off the shelf ($1,199, bbqguys.com).Portable double no matter whereFuel grill can use charcoal fuel on the outside or power mode on apartment balcony without charcoalFlame regulations ($80 per barrel.com).Set the table before you start the barbecue so you can stare at the meat.Try the red in the world marketand-blue-Striped Loire river table runner, which will add rustic patriotism to the wooden picnic table (world market, $25.com).Keep the party late into the night with a packable 9.5-inch-by-6-Rechargeable camp lantern in red, bronze or silver inches ($50, food 52.com).It will last for four hours in the brightest environment;80 hours in the darkest placesBonus: If you need to charge your phone for more selfies, insert it into the lantern built in-in USB port.A good pair of pliers is essential.OXO’s 12-Inch el says the Inch clamp is the perfect sizeYou lost control ($13, oxo.com)."You want the pliers to be an extension of your fingers," she suggested .".Must-Have CarmelThere are tools: inclined basting brush, brass-The bristles clean the brush (although she said there was a heavy mass --Working aluminum foil can work under the pinch) and instantly-Read the meat thermometer"A hundred outdoors used to be cheesy," Kennerknecht said ."."But some acrylic today looks really good, almost like real crystals."Have fun with smoke gray, water color, lime or orange acrylic trackless wine glasses on the world market ($12 for a set of four, the world market.com)."It is important not to have glass around the pool," she said .".One of the trickiest parts of outdoor cooking is the back and forth between the indoor and outdoor kitchens.Cook and serve with Nordic-style Sizzling steaks ($24, kohls ).com).Be careful of the handle on the handle;a long, heavy-Must-have for working gloves Carmelhaves.
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