grill with side burner Tomato canning q&a

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grill with side burner Tomato canning q&a
Although it is very easy to eat tomatoes, it is also a kitchen task.and-Fast security rules.I grew up in Kanning, learned from the women at home and taught Kanning classes for five years.Here are the questions my students ask most often: what kind of tomato is best for Canning?For paste?Do you want jam or chili sauce?What is the expected yield?Although almost all tomatoes can be loaded, brand wines are always unique.They are meat, large, not too dirty, or filled with water and a very beautiful red color.They are also available for wide use and are reasonably priced compared to many heir varieties.Always choose diseasefree tomatoes.If you cut them open and the inside is black, it is a sign of wilting and those tomatoes should not be processed.On the farm market or at the farm stall, over-ripe tomatoes are usually marked as "seconds" and are great for canned processing.Just make sure to remove any bad places during the preparation process.Romas, San Marzanos, or other "paste" Tomatoes are best suited for paste.To be frank, the sauce is probably the least valuable tomato product, as 20 pounds of tomatoes produce only two or three cups of sauce.Any tomato can be made into delicious jam or hot and sour sauce.The more moisture the tomatoes have, the longer the cooking time.When making these long tomatoes, consider the color of the tomatoesCooked food.Yellow tomatoes or green (ripe) tomatoes do not boil into attractive colors;Try dark rubies, Rouge or purple for gorgeous end products.It is expected that two to 3 pounds of raw tomatoes will become a quart of crushed tomatoes.Tomato sauce, 4 to 5 pounds per quart plan.Jam, hot and sour sauce, tomato sauce, etc.Cooking, thick preparation, it takes about 8 pounds to make a quart.Why do tomatoes have to be peeled in order to hold cans?What is the best way to peel seeds and make sauce?The tomato skin is hard and bitter, so it's delicious-But not necessarily.Remove them from the tomatoes to be cans.Assuming you have room for a fridge, a very simple and satisfying way is to seal the tomatoes in the food --There are safe plastic bags in the refrigeratorAfter a few hours, the skin will crack and fall off immediately.This is especially useful if you grow tomatoes, as it may take a few days to collect enough weight to improve the efficiency of cans.Putting them in the fridge will not change their taste, texture or appearance.The more widely used method of peeling tomatoes is the one you'll find in many Washington Post recipes: hit an "X" at the bottom of each tomato with a sharp knife and take out the stem.Drop a few at a time into a pot of boiling water and remove them as soon as they float over the water.Once the tomatoes are cool enough to process and discard the skin, peel off the skin.(I use a cooler full of ice to stop cooking and hold the tomatoes as they come out of boiling water.The food factory is essential if you are going to make the sauce.Classic Stainless SteelSteel food factory sandwiched between the edge of the counter or table.Simply feed the chopped tomatoes into the top, pop the skin and seeds from the side, and the sauce is poured from the spout.The hardware stores generally have these mills;Used goods are often found in eBay's used stores and garage sales.They made a large box of tomatoes very fast.Easier: FoodMill accessories for the KitchenAid stand mixer.Hand-Like the Oxo version, flip the food factory in the pan and do not need a table or counter to clamp.What's the difference between water-Bathtub and pressure tanks?When do tomato products need to be pressed-canned?The natural acidity of tomatoes varies.Acidic foods are usually safe (free of botulinum poisoning ).The National Home Food Preservation Center recommends adding two tablespoons of lemon juice or 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid to each quart tomato to maintain a safe acid level.The water bath pan will bring the contents of the jar to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature of boiling water, safe enough for the most useful canned tomatoes in the pantry: tomatoes and ketchup (see relevant reports ).Start with a jar deep enough to cover the jar with a water of 2 inch.Place the shelf or folded napkin at the bottom of the pan;Once the water starts boiling, this will prevent the jar from clicking (which may break ).Pressure tank is necessary when you want to add low pressure tankSauerkraut such as garlic, pepper and/or onion is added to the tomato.The pressure cooker is different from the pressure cooker.The pressure tank is a tall soup pot.Equipment with the shape of rubber gasket, gauge, perhaps the most important thing is the instruction manual.Why is my jar not "ping "?What's sucking?The most frustrating part of the day with canned tomatoes is the failure of the seal, and the most common reason is that the food particles on the edge of the jar interfere with the contact of the rubber gasket with the glass.Ideally, a vacuum will be formed in the jar as waterbath-The processed content cools down.The force will tighten the metal cover to the gasket.This makes the inging sound of a successfully sealed signal.To avoid sealing failure, carefully wipe the edges and glass lines of each jar with a damp and clean towel before placing the lid.If you are holding a can of something that contains oil or fat, please use distilled white vinegar.Sometimes the top space may be the problem.You will find it in each canned recipe --Necessary safety checkAlthough it may be tempting to take a little more in each jar, transfer any excess to a separate non-Canned containers.A jar full of water will siphon in the process of waterThe bathtub is treated, which means that the contents will boil under the lid, which makes the seal impossible.If only one seal in a batch of cans fails, put that jar in the refrigerator and use it first;It should be kept for about a month.If several jars are not sealed, transfer the contents of these jars to one and cook for a few minutes.Then use it to refill the clean, sanitized jar with a new lid and a clean ring, then repeat the water-bath process.Is it possible to use a portable propane burner like my camping stove?Or a burner for a turkey fryer?How about the extra burner on my grill?Will my glass-Can the furnace work?Order: Yes, this is possible.Talk to the veteran and they talk about the outside, the back porch or the canned kitchen in the shed away from the house.Camping stoves and turkey fryer are great places to place water treatment jars.Make sure you have enough propane.Even a gas grill with a side burner can be installed outdoors.Processing tomatoes outdoors is a great way to keep the heat in the kitchen.Although there is no difference between loading cans in electric furnaces and loading cans in gas, ceramics-or glass-The stove at the top could be a challenge for the cannery.Some manufacturers do not recommend installing cans on their tops at all, while others have strict rules to ensure success.Please check the manufacturer's suggestions for your stove before proceeding.The weight of a large electric fan filled with cans and water may break the top of a ceramic or glass stove.If your ceramicsor glass-The stove at the top is approved for Canning, only boiling water-Due to the inadequate adjustment of the temperature, the safety of the pressure tank is appropriate.Use flat-Therefore, the whole surface is in contact with the burner.Make sure the pan is not larger than the circumference of the burner.Don't slide the pot.When putting it on or removing it from the stove, be sure to lift it.How to make salsa dance and chili sauce?What about ketchup?Salsa, chutney and tomato sauce are three classic condiments made from tomatoes.Each one contains onions and garlic, which requires a good acid ratio to keep it poisonedfree.(See the pressure tank problem.Recipes for most salsa, chutney and ketchup include sugar, vinegar, lemon juice and other preservatives, but proper balance is critical for safety.In preparation for what you plan to do in the long termTerm storage, best time to use-Test the recipe and follow their instructions.Especially for many salsa recipes, pressure canning is the safest way.Is the recipe in my antique preservation book safe?The sauce made by my grandmother is delicious.How can I make sure the can is safe?Rebecca Davis, project director at the University of Maryland promotion office, recommends using only recipes printed since 1997.With the change of available vegetable varieties, the return of heir crops and new food science information, many new rules have been introduced.The most important thing is to be safe when you can.If you are determined to be able to eat your grandmother's recipe and you want to eat it safely, you can contact Martin Lo at ymlo @ umd.edu.He is a professor of food science at the University of Maryland and runs a private laboratory that can test your recipes for a fee.For more information, please visit www.pickyourown.Organization and National Family Food Preservation Center.Barrow, he's at www.mrswheelbarrow.Com, join today's free range chat at noon: Live.washingtonpost.com.
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