grill with side burner Why wont my gas barbeque get hot enough to cook?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-28

As a barbecue technician, I repair the gas and charcoal grill every day to clean or replace the burner, grill cooking grilles, igniters, heat shield and various replacement grill components.I get a call every day in the east where the gas grill is not working.Even though customers think they need me badly, they don't need technical services at all.Your gas grill is one of the most misunderstood features in your propane gas container today.Any portable propane container manufactured after September 1998 must be fitted with an overfill prevention device (OPD) and propane cylinders without OPD must not be reinstalledFill in after April 2002.The triangle handwheel indicates the OPD installation.So far, the owners of most gas BBQ shops have confiscated their fuel tanks when redecoratingGas station and purchase propane tanks that meet the requirements.However, as an additional safety measure, most gas grille users do not realize that a device called a check valve is also installed in a propane cylinder tank.Check valves are installed to detect dangerous leaks in propane tanks.--xa0When the tank is opened, liquid propane fills the hose connected to the grill manifold through a check valve, QCC, and grill regulator.--xa0If the grill valve is on the grill, propane stops before filling the grill burner and the pressure returns to the valve.--xa0If there is a leak in any fitting that connects your propane tank to your gas grille, the pressure drop will be noticed and the tank will enter the inspection that limits or stops the gas flow.My gas grill won't get hot.I receive service requests from some clients every week who think they need a new propane gas regulator, ignitor electrodes, replacement of grill burner and more.I already know it's part of griller's sense of selfDiagnosing the problem and proposing a solution, trying to explain the possible culprit without telling the House that the testosterone carrier gas grill is not being used properly is always tricky.This problem arises due to the OPD required by law.Check valves and spill prevention are all tools to protect our safety while enjoying our gas grill and backyard.When a new or newly filled propane tank is attached to your gas grill, the OPD is usually located at the maximum limit position above the tank filled with capacity.The slight pressure of the OPD arm floating in liquid propane may create enough pressure, and when the tank valve steering wheel turns, the gas will quickly pass through the pressure at a speed that feels more like a water column than it is trueThe tank enters the inspection due to pressure blasting in the gas hose.Customers visit the gas grill or call technicians to request a service call.Many customers believe that they need to replace the grill burner, regulator or ignition.Normally, gas will continue to flow into the gas grill, but the pressure is so low that customers will call to complain that their Grill will not get hot.Sometimes, the temperature of the barbecue cannot exceed 200 degrees due to checking the propane tank.I got a call from customers who have been using the barbecue for hours and their food is not cooked enough!While the grill parts do sometimes need to be replaced and the gas regulator will not last forever, this problem can usually be solved by phone if the complaint is that the grill will not heat or ignite.The trick is to educate family chefs, not to insult their ability to grill, and not to make them feel stupid.How to repair the barbecue grill?Turn everything off.--xa0Close the grill, side burner and low pressure cylinder tank.Once everything is turned off, disconnect the propane tank from the gas grille regulator by unscrewing or pulling the quick devicePosted on old or retro versionsPropane cylinders are installed.Open the grill now.--xa0I know, no.Connected from the gas tank, but we want to make sure that the pressure in the gas line or any gas in the burner is released.Keep the grill, side burner, grill etc in a high position for a few minutes, the Hood opens and all the valves are put back in the closed position.Make sure.--xa0Most gas grill valves must be pushed in to turn, and if they try to turn without pressing the knob, they do not turn to the "on" position.Using the grill, et al closed the reconnect propane tank and slowly turned the handwheel to the open position.Slowly.--xa0The trick here is to turn the steering wheel slowly.When the propane gas tank is new or new-Full, the gas is full, the OPD pushes slightly in the top filled area and the gas will want to burst through the valve.--xa0By slowly opening the valve to reduce the speed, the check valve will reset itself.Once done, you should be able to open the grill and ignite your gas grill burner.--xa0Your BBQ cooking heat should return to normal and the cooking time will be reduced.--xa0If the problem persists, try this process again to make sure you follow each step.--xa0If there is a leak in any gas fittings, the check valve is present to save your life.--xa0The constant check valve issue may mean a gas leak and may require access from local gas BBQ service technicians.To find a leak, turn the grill valve to the closing position and turn the gas tank valve to the fully open position.--xa0This should pressurize the gas line.--xa0Spray soapy water on all accessories and look for bubbles, just like checking for flat air from the tires.Don't try to correct the gas leak yourself.--xa0While the check valve error is a user education error when your gas grill will not heat or ignite, it is also a problem to correct by knowing your grill and propane tank, the gas leakage shall be corrected by the licensed gas service technician.--xa0When using the gas grill, open the water tank first and then start the barbecue.--xa0Once the cooking is complete, close the gas tank first and then the grill valve.--xa0This will minimize the remaining pressure in the gas hose.--xa0Keep in mind some of the safety features of the gas grill parts and you will not purchase replacement parts that are not needed.--xa0Besides safety, eat well and have a good time.
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