grill with side burner Your Gas Grill Ignitor isn't Broken

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-28

As a gas grill technician, I saw thousands of barbecues in different usage states.Even if they only store and sell barbecues of specific brands.The ignition on the barbecue grill stopped working during the first year, which is a sentence I often hear, regardless of the price or quality of the barbecue.Sometimes the first year is ten years ago!!Although it may seem like this, just because the gas is not lit does not mean that the ignition is broken.Grill igniters usually work for a long time after stopping lighting a gas grill.Of course, you can point out the obvious confusion in that statement, that is, if the grill stops ignition, what does it matter if you say that the ignition is not damaged?!It can't work if it doesn't light the grill.When the owner claimed that the ignitor hadn' t worked within ten years, I was shocked by the ignition module on the grill.The gas grill ignition system consists of several replaceable components.Modules, electrode wires, and electrodes are the main components, although sometimes the modules are divided into spark generators, connection switches (buttons), and power supplies (batteries ).The electrode is like the Mars plug in your car, mounted on the gas grill burner or nearby components, and sparks ignite the grill.Electrodes are often the culprit when you can't light the grill.The gas BBQ ignition module or spark generator is the part that produces the juice.Many old gas grills use piezoelectric modules.These simple ignition modules will last forever.However, most gas grills today use batteriespowered module.Ignition modules with batteries can be corroded by moisture, but it's not as common as most of us think and can usually be cleaned up.The electrode wire connecting the ignition device and the module provides sparks to ignite your gas grill.You should be able to see steel passing through porcelain above the gas stove burner or in front of the fire box next to it.The electrode will consist of a steel rod in the porcelain receiving current and another piece of steel as a ground spark.The energy of the battery ends in the form of Sparks at the tip of this steel bar.This arc should ignite your gas grill burner if the gas is turned on.If your gas grill is not lit, there may be several different reasons.If you are using a propane tank, reset the check valve.Gas regulators may rarely need to be replaced.If you have been grilling on this gas grill for more than five years, please do a professional test of your regulator.However, the most common problem we see is the ignition system.What's the problem with BBQ Barbecue firearms?When you cook on a gas grill, the heat in the hood can cause food to sweat and grease drops onto the grill.When most people clean the grill parts, they clean the cooking grate, the outer cover, the control panel and what they can see or have to touch.When grease, food debris, rust, rain, dust and dirt enter the fire box, the electrodes become too dirty to spark even if you can't see it from the outside.If you take a little advice from this message, remember: if you don't hire a professional to clean up the grill, don't just clean up the parts you can see or eat.At least once a year, take out the stove, Burner, lave tray or heating plate and have a good look in the fire box.Typically, you will see the ignition electrodes, grease management and other parts that are essential to the safe operation of the gas BBQ.Clean them.I know it's not 10-minute fix.Instead of spending the whole day, give yourself an hour or two a year.Ignite the gas grill.In order to keep the gas grill up reliably and safely, please keep the electrode clean.They are usually inside the fire box of the front wall near the control panel.Many electrodes have a collection box, a small stainless steel box that protects the electrodes.The arc can jump between two poles, or it can jump from a single pole to a collector box or a gas burner.If the electrodes do not spark on clean steel, the starter for your grill will not be on.The module, battery and switch are still working to send the spark into the gas but the fault occurs at the electrode.The dirty electrodes do not generate sparks.These products are produced by gas grill manufacturers in bad weather.They want you to be bad to them and leave them in the rain and snow.When you clean the gas grill, just knowing the parts of the ignition will ensure that the electrodes are kept clean and the ignition time of the gas grill will be longer.Gas BBQ grill replacement parts are available, but learn how the grill works and you will replace a simple electrode because of dirt, not on replacement parts that you may not needAsk any gas grill technician and they will tell you that they have received more calls for ignition problems than any other complaint.We can also assure you that more than half of the grill we serve has no problem with the ignition and a little skim soap will not be fixed.Take a look at the images in this article and then go and identify the modules, electrodes and electrode wires on the gas grill.Cleaning the electrodes at least once or twice a year, replacing the battery, and the ignition failure that plagues the last five grills you have will be a problem of the past.
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