Grilled Buffalo Wings - bbq gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Grilled Buffalo Wings  -  bbq gas grill
How to make this recipe.Mix salt, pepper and garlic powder in a small bowl.In a large bowl, stir the wings evenly with a mixture of salt.Preheat the gas grill to medium heat (about 350 degrees F ).Put the wings on the grill and squeeze them together so that they all come into contact (it goes against the conventional wisdom given to the meat room, so it doesn't steam, you want them to steam, so they keep wet)Grill, flip wings every 5 minutes and cook for a total of 20 minutes.At the same time, put butter, chili sauce, vinegar and honey into the pan and heat it with low heat and stir well.In a large clean bowl, stir the wings with sauce.Adjust the heat on the grill to medium and high.Remove the wings from the sauce with pliers and put them back on the grill until the skin becomes crispy for 1 to 2 minutes each side.Put the wings back in the bowl with sauce, stir and serve.
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