Grilling on your backyard dragon - charcoal bbq grill sale

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
Grilling on your backyard dragon  -  charcoal bbq grill sale
(Small fortune )--Sculptor Ed McBride intends to build a simple charcoal grill for his backyard.A year later, he baked salmon steak on a barbecue and looked like a five-year-old.foot-tall dragon."It was a bit of an accident, but my nature was elaborate," McBride said ." He later sold the cookware for $65,000 at a hunting enthusiast convention.Seeing success, he added customizationThe grill was built for his art creation series, most of which were sculptures inspired by his contact with wildlife."When you're 10 feet away from the grizzlies in Alaska, you really feel the power of this animal," said 53-year-old McBride ."."I am trying to capture this wild in my work."This summer, artists living in Ridgecrest, CaliforniaOpened a new fire.Breathing smoker: a smaller, transport-able grill that he attaches to the side of a repaired 1959-head HarleyDavidson (Fortune 500 pig ).The package costs about $80,000, but the grill can be purchased-and used -Another $44,000.
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