grilling steaks to perfection - grill gas

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-11
grilling steaks to perfection  -  grill gas
The barbecue season begins and it's time to start thinking about the mouthwatering steaks.
So, whether you use gas or charcoal, how do you bake the perfect steak? the rules are the same.
Follow this stepby-
Step guide and you will enjoy the coveted steak soon.
The most important step in baking a steak is to choose the right meat.
The thin steak will harden when cooked, so choose one to 2 inch thick steak.
An ideal steak has fat throughout the process. Good-
The quality chuck steak is made of meat, and there is a gentle marble in the middle of the meat.
Filet steak or tenderloin is usually considered to be the best meat.
The steaks are tender, but they need a lot of seasoning to get a strong flavor.
Ribeyes tastes good but is fat and expensive.
I like the top bull loin.
It is thin and beautiful due to lack of fat, but it is difficult.
Top Shalang is hard to find so I changed a good one
It's usually a good chuck steak or a thick steak from New York.
Before baking the steak, take them out of the fridge and bring them to room temperature.
Do this at least 45 minutes before the barbecue.
Season the meat at least 20 minutes before the grill and let the salt and spices dissolve in the meat instead of falling into the grill.
I avoid pre-packaged steak seasoning and use my own meat to rub recipes, because sometimes, the less the steak is, the better.
You want the natural flavor of the meat to come into play.
I like the steak with sea salt, black pepper and a little garlic salt.
I don't recommend using sauce or marinade unless you have a low one
A little more can improve the quality of the meat.
Sometimes I take a small piece of unsalted butter and let it melt on top of the steak before taking it out of the grill.
This meat.
Start with a hot grill.
You need a gray coating for your charcoal.
Preheat to at least 600 F if you use a gas grill.
You want a fire that is hot enough to cook the steak in the shortest time you want to be delicious.
Cover your barbecue with vegetable oil or non-stick spray made specifically for the barbecue.
The most important rule for grilled juicy steak is to cook quickly and take it out of the fire immediately after the cooking is complete.
Check whether the meat is not good with a digital thermometer.
Avoid the temptation to keep turning your meat;
Turn over the steak and turn around each side.
When you flip the steak, never put it back in place;
The Grill in that place will be cooler.
You want to continue cooking meat at high temperatures, so find a hot spot elsewhere on the grill.
1-temperature and approximate time of barbecue
-Inch steak: very few: 120 âx80x93 130 degree F âx80x93 months-
Medium rare 8 minutes per side: 130 F 140 F 8-
9 minutes per side: 140 degrees Fahrenheit 150 degrees Fahrenheit 9-
Try not to cook steak at medium or above every 10 minutes.
Any higher doneness will dry your meat, reduce the taste and make it tough;
Reserve for slow cooking.
After the steak is finished, put it on a separate plate, cover it loosely with foil and rest for 5 minutes.
Rest to get the juice back into the meat.
If you cut to the steak immediately, the juice runs out, causing the steak to become more dry.
The last suggestion is to cook all the side dishes first and leave the steak until the end.
This allows you to focus on the steak on your own and avoid overcooking by running back and forth between the grill and the kitchen.
No matter what meat you choose, you will provide a feast for your family that they will not forget.
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