grilling the perfect chicken - grill gas

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
grilling the perfect chicken  -  grill gas
It turns out that the chicken is harder to bake than the ubiquitous steaks, ribs, and kebabs.
Most of my childhood memories of outdoor barbecues were related to the pungent smell of burnt BBQ chicken legs.
Every time, my father will swear that the next batch will be better, and every time, they will get a group of crispy pecan coal.
Fortunately, with just a few tricks, you can roast chicken like a professional and explore some new ways to prepare the chicken.
Tip 1: The most common mistake to beat a hot family chef to make a roast chicken is to put their birds on once the coal is grayed out, or the gas grill is high.
This BBQ heat is perfect for skirts, steaks and vegetables, but it's totally wrong to make chicken.
To get the best results, if you use charcoal, be sure to put your chicken on the grill at the end of the rotation of the items, if you use gas, Cook in medium to medium and low heat.
This method will allow the chicken to cook without burning the skin or causing a terrible excessive burn
Cooked outside, below.
Cooked on the syndrome inside.
Tip 2: You should pay attention to the cut of the roast chicken, and it is cheaper.
Stay away from grilled breasts or legs and try to bake half or the whole chicken (
1 pound is much cheaper than boneless fillets).
The whole chicken can easily be slaughtered on the grill by cutting them off the trunk and pressing them flat with your hand.
Plug the end of the chicken leg into a crack on the skin of the back and pass one or two skewers through the hind legs to keep it in an easy place.
Cooking all or half of the chicken will help reduce the surface area exposed to the flame and Cook next to the bone, thus keeping the meat juicy.
If your family doesn't like bones, simply remove the meat from the bones after the meat is baked, then stir the tortillas with a barbecue sauce or salsa sauce, or make a barbecue chicken sandwich.
Tip 3: avoid eating sugar
The problem with BBQ chicken is that most sauces are high in sugar content, whether they are baked or smoked.
When ordinary pit masters apply these sauces to their birds, they are just asking for burnt chicken skins.
Use the traditional BBQ recipe "mop" instead of the sauce purchased using a sugary shop because it doesn't burn: basic Mop1 cup apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup salad oil 2 cloves garlic, 2 tablespoons, chili powder, pepper, make all the ingredients mixed together, mix well.
Use this formula as the basis for other mops.
Add fresh ginger and soy sauce to bring Asian flavor to your chicken, or add cinnamon, cloves, cumin and coriander seeds to bring Moroccan flavor.
Every few minutes, use a mop to coat each chicken with a thin mop glaze and wipe it with a barbecue brush.
The lower the heat, the longer the chicken is cooked, the deeper your glaze, the more beautiful it is.
Tip 4: Make the most of your efforts
Earned coal while it's a good idea to cool your coal before you throw the chicken, in the meantime, how do you handle the coal to make sure your efforts
Don't you smoke the cash you earn? Plan ahead!
Think of your barbecue as three.
Part of the process: when the coal is very hot, the start is the best time for the barbecue to do something good on the hot grill, such as thin steak or vegetables, such as scallions or pickled zucchini, these things need to be kept fresh inside.
The second act, when coal is hot but not difficult to stand in front, is the perfect time to eat thick steaks, pork chops, kebabs and whole fish.
There will be enough heat outside your items to get a good shell, but the heat will become gentle enough to cook them evenly.
This is also the best time to make eggplant caviar.
The third action is that when your coal is cooked, you can put things that need to be baked slowly on the grill, such as half a chicken, ribs or baked potatoes.
Be careful, cover the grill with a lid and the Heat will not go away too much.
Once the coal is dead, you can even cook flat bread in the dying ashes!
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