grilling using charcoal Infrared Grilling -- What is so Special About Infrared Grills?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-24
grilling using charcoal Infrared Grilling -- What is so Special About Infrared Grills?
Called infrared technology.Besides burning food.And how you can use the grill.Technology company more than 20 years agoFor rubber and plastic manufacturing and fastBenefit from the immediate high temperature generated by the infrared gas burner.The test site of the infrared grill.Ready for dinner.After a few hours, the cast iron baking tray will burn hot.Scorched the outer layer in a few minutes.
No preparation for a few hours.
Âxa0 Today infra-There is an infrared burner and convection, or blue-Mixed flame burner.Grill for high temperature and another part for slow cooking.or hot air.Turn all the burners up and then you shut the hood and wait.
The food trapped in the Grill becomes hot enough to cook your food.Turn off the hood and let the heat around the food and cook it--In addition to the outside, there is a broiler or convection oven.Heating can be cooked in three different ways.
Heat inside the grill.
Water or oil) to cook food by encircling food with heat.In addition to the heat trapped in the hood, there is also heat.More than 800 degrees, this is considered the lowest temperature for scorching heat.
Radiation heat is different.
--xa0Radiant heat is the direct heat of the flame.We can't see the color spectrum.Heat generated by the flame, not by the tolerance limit of the medium.same heat.Cook the food out of the firethe burner.flame is tiny.Get a degree in about 60 seconds without turning off the hood.
Fourteen degrees in three minutes.
--xa0--xa0The advantage of cooking with infrared is the taste.Food sweats, as you do on hot days, and it drops and loses moisture.The cooking time will be longer and the moisture will be lost all the time.
Distribution of heat.
The grill is dirty and hard to clean.
Calculate the wrong time and burn the outside of the food.Scorched the outer layer of the food in a minute.In less than two minutes, your food becomes searede.
After the food is burnt, it will sweat or drip.out the food.In the process of cooking, the conductive heat transfer will dry the food.Lock the moisture in the food to add flavor.
Grille with concave shape.
of your steak.
Stuck on the grate and evaporated by heat to re-heatEnter the food like a cigarette.Someone who has not used an infrared grillIn theory, more heat will burn the food.completely raw.The experiment left the burner outside, but it was done perfectly.
Infrared grill, I am professional.
My steak was perfectly baked on the outside.Heat to surround the steak and cook the interior.Juicy as raw.Another benefit of infrared barbecue is cleanup.
Seasoning plate hanging between cooking grille and gas burner.burner.Can not clean.Grates is my burner.It fell to the burner through the Hearthstone and was burned.You even need to clean it.Clean the oven.It's decades longer than the dirty grill.Continue to cook delicious food over the years.
In the first year, the conduction and the traditional barbecue will get bad.Like a small spark.Look for clean steel to ignite the spark.The ignition electrode is cleaned when you cook.Infrared grill technology is the pinnacle of cooking.
Infrared, keep moisture and flavor inside the food.More expensive than the simple design of a traditional barbecue.gas barbecues.Usually related to the taste of charcoal barbecue.
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